5 ways to control overspending and make the most of your salary

Raising your eyebrows at overspending every month? Here’s what can control it and improve your financial health.

5 ways to control overspending and save salary
5 ways to control overspending and save salary

Ask anyone if their salary is enough to help them survive through the month and you will receive resounding ‘No’ as a unanimous the answer. Managing your salary efficiently is the key to building good financial health. You begin spending your salary or allowance as soon as you get it. You fail to save even a small amount of money once you start spending. After having spent all your money, you are forced to borrow additional financial help from friends, relatives, and colleagues. This can lead to the pile of debts and zero saving which isn’t good for your financial health. To limit your spending within your earning, there are some tips which can really help you to improve your financial health.

So, the million dollar question (quite literally) is, ‘Is there anyway which can enable you to manage your monthly budget and help you save your salary as well.  Well, the answer to that question is ‘Yes’! To help you decode the mystery monthly budget and salary management, we have given some effective tips and tricks below.

Prepare a Budget

One of the happiest moments in the life of a working professional is when s/he receives the SMS indicating saying ‘Your Salary has been credited to your bank account’. Right from that moment, you start planning your spending and expenditure. But, before you do that, you should prepare a detailed monthly budget which covers all essential expenses, non-essential expenses and even savings. Having a clear idea about your budget and how much money is left in your kitty for different heads, you will be in better control of your finances. Plus, it is always advisable to set aside at least 20 per cent of your salary every month as savings or investment; this will be your insurance policy for a rainy day in future. Be it a health emergency, an essential purchase for the house or a luxury spending for a vacation. Building the right budget will not only help you plan your month better but also aid in putting aside money for future expenses as well.

Buy Right

Sometimes, you buy the things which are of no use. This aggravates your financial health especially when you spend a good part of salary on such things. You have to borrow an additional amount of money even to fulfil your basic needs. It can lead to a pile of debts. To give up such spending habits, you need to think whether the items you're purchasing are useful for you or not. After preparing a list of essential and non-essential items, you can avoid purchasing the non-essential items. Therefore, assessing spending habit can help you to control overspending and improve your financial health. 

Bring your lunch from home

One of the simplest things you can do to save some bucks is to make your own lunch and bring it to work. Suppose you don’t bring your lunch from home and spend around Rs. 100 for it every day. This cost you around Rs. 3000 per month which you never think about. This amount you can use for some other works if you successfully save it. Apart from it, taking lunch at roadside Dhabas, Hotels, and kiosks can cause health problem which may cost you a lot. Therefore, carrying lunch from home not only saves money but also keeps you healthy. So, carry your lunch from home to control spending.

Leave Your Credit Card at home

Window shopping can soon turn into real expense, if you are carrying your credit card along with you. With credit card at your disposal, you often end up buying things that catches your fancy for the moment, only to realize later on that they are completely useless or non-essential. Plus, credit card essentially is a debt which has to be re-paid later, so compiling debt on buying non-essential items is completely unjustified. Despite your best efforts, controlling your spending from credit card is super difficult and takes amazing willpower. So, to avoid the temptation to swipe your card next time, leave your credit card at home. After leaving your credit card at home, you can’t randomly buy the things as you have previously been buying for a long time. Therefore, leaving the credit card at home can be the most effective solution for you to control your overspending habit.

Avoid online shopping

With the advent of e-commerce business, the convenience of shopping has reached our mobile phones and computers. Today, if you want to buy anything, you just need to pick your phone and order it online. In addition to this, the lucrative offers that online portals offer are hard to resist. But, this convenience and attractive offers come with the danger of overspending and messing up your monthly budget. Therefore, you must also control your online shopping. If you must shop online, set aside a dedicated budget for it. Another way is to either uninstall all the apps or block all ecommerce websites and set checks or reminders on your cards for spending on certain websites. While these are all good solutions, but ultimate what will matter is your will power to resist online websites and shopping apps.


In the era of marketing, the corporate houses attract and pursue you to buy their products with their effective and attractive offers. Most of the times, people can’t resist and begin spending money even on the unnecessary things. After exhausting their bank accounts, they borrow the additional financial help even to fulfil their basic needs.It aggravates their financial health. In such situation, there are some ways to control overspending. In this article, we have provided some tips to control spending.

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