7 Wonderful Benefits of Writing Diary for students

Drenched in the feeling of loneliness, yet feel like there is no one to talk to? You might want to consider writing a diary. It's not clichéd, rather has many holds benefits for you.

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Some Wonderful Benefits of Writing Diary for College Students
Some Wonderful Benefits of Writing Diary for College Students

College life comes bearing many challenges, most of which you have to face on your own.  It means a new start in life while having to leave behind familiar things like home, school friends, family, and others. Settling down in a new environment, a new place, making new friends it isn't as easily done as said. There are times when you want to talk to someone, have someone to just listen to you for hours, someone to hold close. It would be good to have a friend or some family member around, but you just can't find yourself telling them about all things. You set out to look for a friend who can keep all your secrets and never spill it to anyone but you. And, what could play this role better than- 'A Diary'.

Yes, 'A Dairy.' Writing one isn't as clichéd as we have seen in movies and all. Maintaining a journal or a diary has many benefits, especially for students. Mentioned below are some of these benefits - 

Evoking  Mindfulness

Maintain a journal has many benefits for all - writing down your thoughts puts you in a whole different state of thought. After a long frustrating and hectic day, you are like a bubbling cauldron of emotions just ready to spill over. But as you start venting out that frustration in your diary, a sense of calm and peace washes over you. You feel much more relaxed as if a heavy burden has been lifted off your shoulders. Your mind is ridden free of the state of past frustrations and the anxieties of the unknown future. You become focused on the 'here and now.'

You feel more in control of your emotions. And that's very necessary especially when you are away from the comfort of familiar things and making your way through a new phase of life. It can help you cope with the changes and focus better on important things. 

Achieving Goals

Maintaining a journal is not just about writing down the events of your day. There are many different kinds of journal entries you can make. Like jotting down your dreams and ambitions. It may sure sound like a stupid thing to do but, consider constructing a building without having a blueprint of it first. Both are exactly the same without the blueprint you are bound to make mistakes and would have to re-work things over and over. Similarly the case with writing down your goals. When you write things down, your brain tends to remember them as important things. The more you write about it and the more detailed you make it; the better are your odds of remaining focused on achieving it.  

Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence is the ability to perceive and manage your emotions, as well as that of the others around you. Maintaining a journal helps you manage your emotions better. It gives you an outlet to let out both your negative and positive emotions. When you experience an excessive influx of either of them you feel the need of sharing your thoughts with someone. Someone trustworthy, someone who won't let your secrets out, what better than sharing them with your best friend - your diary.

Writing your emotions down helps you in making a well-informed self-analysis your emotional state. With enough practice, you can even understand the emotional state of others allowing you to connect with people at a much deeper level and make friends for life. 

Improve Communication Skills

When it comes to communicating, writing is as essential a skill as speaking. More so, one can very well say that speaking has a great connection with writing. Imagine, having to speak something on the spot well unless you are some really great born orator. You sure would take a moment to think about the thing. Now instead of just thinking over and over in your mind how about, you jot dot some important pointers. It sure comes in handy, doesn't it? Writing helps you have a clear mind, free of cluttered thoughts. You are able to think clearly and focus better.  Thus, helping you engage in a more useful conversation. Moreover, what is writing in a diary all about if it isn't a form of written communication with your own self?


For most of the people who maintain a journal, it's a way of healing themselves, of coping with things. There are times when you experience or feel something that you can't share with anybody, not your mom, or your best friend or just about anyone you're close to. Still, there is a great urge to tell it to someone. Hence, you talk to your only friend who's an expert at keeping secrets - your diary.

'Expressive writing is the route to healing- emotionally, physically and psychology' as said by Dr. James Pennebaker the author of Writing To Heal. As he explains it, stress usually comes from overthinking hypothetical's  and emotional blockages. The sense of calm that washes over one after venting out the emotional buildup in their writing one finds himself in a better grasp of the situation. Studies also have shown that writing down the thoughts troubling you can help lower anxiety levels, reduce stress and help get better sleep at night.  

Spark Your Creativity

As mentioned before a person can maintain many different kinds of journal as per their need and requirements. Some maintain a dream journal, some log in everyday event, some use it for creative writing like poem, stories, songs etc. Or you could just maintain a simple idea journal, a book where you maintain a list of all the weird and crazy ideas that pop into your mind. Jotting down the ideas the in a place you can go through whenever you want. Some ideas may not be of any use at that time but who knows they might come in handy sometime later on.

Moreover, when you consciously focus on creative thoughts your mind opens up to variety of ideas you never thought you had in you. At times you come across the best of your ideas when you are hardly thinking about them. This is because your mind is always on the outlook for creative ideas and wherever it sees the slightest possibility of it, it points it out to you irrespective of whether you are driving a car or just enjoying a warm shower.

Maintaining a journal or a diary thus is great thing. It's friend that you can trust completely and not to mention that many benefits it holds for you, as mentioned above. Whether or not you are experiencing some kind of emotional surge, journaling can help you in many ways. What are you waiting for them? Go grab a diary and start penning down your thoughts or those lyrics for your new song, or your latest poem, or just doodle if you like.  

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