Aldehydes, Ketones and Carboxylic Acid (Carboxylic Acid) –Important Questions & Preparation Tips

In this article you will get the clue that from where and how the questions are being framed from chapter Aldehydes, Ketones and Carboxylic Acid (Carboxylic Acid)

Created On: Oct 16, 2013 16:36 IST

CBSE Class 12th Chapter, Carboxylic Acid comes under the topic Aldehydes, Ketones and Carboxylic Acid which carries 6 Marks in board exam. Experts of offer the best practice material that covers all important questions so that students will not miss any portion while preparing for board exams or competitive exams. Consider the mentioned terms/questions at the time of studying.

• Differentiate between a carbonyl and a carboxyl group?

• Write the IUPAC names of the following:

• Preparation of carboxylic acids.

• Grignard reagent action with carbon dioxide. (very important)

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• Carboxylic acid has higher boiling points even than alcohol. Explain.

• Why is carboxylic acid more acidic than phenols?

• How do EDG and EWG determine the acidity of carboxylic acid? (very important)

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• Arrange the following in their increasing value of acidity:

• Explain the mechanism of esterification. (very important)

• Why is reaction of carboxylic acid much easier with SOCl2 than PCL5.

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• Complete the following chemical equations:

• Discuss the use of methanoic and ethanoic acid?

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