Best Resume fonts to make the most of a job application

Writing your Resume for a job application? Know which font can improve your first introduction to an indigenous employer.

Best Resume fonts to make the most of a job application
Best Resume fonts to make the most of a job application

Writing your Resume for a job application but don’t know which font can improve your first presentation to the employers? Actually, the typeface is something that tells much about the personality, style, and professionalism of a candidate. It means that you can leave an impression before you meet a recruiter in person. In case your Resume successfully persuades them to consider you as a prospective candidate, they will invite you to other selection processes. But, when your Resume fails to pursue them, they simply ignore your job application. In simple words, you must use the font that can attract and impress an employer to make the most out of the job application. In this article, we have suggested about some of the best fonts that can help you to make your job application.

Arial Font

Simplicity and clarity always leave a good impression. Arial is one of the most liked simple fonts that is easy to read and understand. So, if you are planning to write a Resume for a job application and want the recruiters to understand about you clearly, then use Arial font. It would help the recruiters clearly to understand your resume that could pursue them to invite you to further selection processes.    

Calibri font

Calibri is the default Microsoft word Font that is among the universally readable fonts, and it is considered as an excellent option for a safe introduction to the recruiters. In addition, it’s among the font of words, which is familiar to most readers and renders clearly on the screen of a computer or a laptop. So, you can also use Calibri while writing your Resume for job application. It would help you to prepare a “perfectly sized “two-page Resume that could improve your presentation to the recruiters.

Didot Font

If you want to get a job in creative industries like fashion or photography, then you can make most of your job application by using Didot. It’s considered as a “distinctive and classy” font, which attracts recruiters with its upscale look. So, while writing the heading for your Resume use this font. It would highlight the key content in your Resume that could pursue the recruiters to read them completely.

Garamond Font

If you like to use an old style serif font for Resume writing, then you must use Garamont. It is a simple and an elegant font that attracts more when it’s in print or on a computer screen.

Georgia Font

If you don’t want to use Times New Roman, then Georgia can be the best option for you. It is the only traditional-looking font that can be a great alternative to the oft-overused Times New Roman.  Because of its readability, it is oft-recommended font; especially for writing a Resume. Using this font for your Resume may help you improve your introduction equally to that of “Times New Roman,” which could impress the recruiters.

Helvetica Font

Helvetica is a clean, modern, and sans-serif fonts which are favorite among designers and typographers. It is widely used in numerous logos of the corporate brands. Moreover, it is also considered among “professional, lighthearted and honest” fonts that give the due amount of clarity to the readers. So, if you are planning to write your Resume, try this font. It would strengthen your presentation that could give a fruitful outcome.

Times New Roman Font

“Times New Roman” is universally recognized typeface, which is a popular choice for Resume writing. It shows clean and easy-to-read texts on any computer or laptop. It can be the most suitable typeface for writing a Resume if you want to provide information in your Resume in simple but impressive look. 

Trebuchet MS Font

Trebuchet MS can be a good alternative to both Arial and Verdana. It’s designed in a manner that improves its appearance on the screen.  In addition, with its textured and modern-look, it can attract the recruiters and leave a good impression. So, if you don’t want to use Arial or Veradan, then use Trebuchet MS while writing your Resume.


Your Resume is your first introduction to a recruiter who hasn't met you before. The content of Resume and its texture on your Resume are among that thing which would play a major role to pursue him/her to invite you for an interview. In this article, we have suggested some fonts for Resume writing that can help you to improve your presentation to the recruiters.

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