CBSE Class 10th Social Science Model Test Paper 2015

The CBSE experts at Jagran Josh have framed a Model Test Paper for CBSE Class 10 Social Science subject for the Board Exams. The Model Test Paper has been prepared with a fully dedicated and strict approach towards the Assessment pattern followed by CBSE.

Created On: Feb 28, 2015 16:43 IST
Modified On: Feb 28, 2015 18:25 IST

The experts at Team Jagran Josh have framed the Model Test Paper for Social Science subject which strictly follows the Board pattern of CBSE Class 10 for the year 2015. The Model Test Paper is extremely beneficial for the Class 10 Students appearing for their respective examinations in 2015.

A few Questions from this Model Test Paper are given below:

Q. When did the United Nations adopt the guidelines for the consumer protection?

Q. Mention three main proposals with reference to the non-cooperation movement as suggested by Mahatma Gandhi.

Q. “Limited competition and limited information result in the exploitation of consumer” do you agree with this statement. If yes, give two arguments in support of your answer?

Q. Why means of transportation and communication are called the life lines of a nation and it's economy?          

Q. Explain the reason for the lukewarm response of some Muslim organizations to the Civil Disobedience Movement.

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