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CBSE Class 11 Physics Practice Paper: Set-IV

Oct 21, 2015 16:00 IST

    Find CBSE Class 11 Physics Practice Paper Set-IV for the coming exam. This paper contains important questions from4th unit (Work, Energy and Power) of class 11 physics. These questions will not only help the students to prepare for exams in a better manner, but will also help them in understanding the depth with which a topic should be studied.

    Few sample questions from the Question Paper are given below:

    Q. Two springs of spring constant K1 and K2 (K1 > K2). On which spring, more work is done when they stretched by the same force?

    Q. Can kinetic energy of a system can be increased or decreased without applying external force on the system?

    Q. A meteorite burns in the atmosphere before it reaches the earth’s surface. What happens to its momentum?

    Q. A spring is compressed by tightening its end together tightly. It is then placed in acid and dissolves. What happens to the potential energy stored in it?

    Q. Is work done by conservative forces is always negative? Explain.

    Q. Particle A makes a perfectly elastic collision with another particle B at rest. They fly apart in opposite direction with equal speeds. What is the ratio of their masses?

    Q. What are conservative and non-conservative forces give examples?

    Q. What should be the angle between the force and displacement for work done to be maximum and minimum?

    Q. A truck and a car moving with the same kinetic energy are stopped by applying same retarding force. Which one will stop at a smaller distance?

    Q. A bullet if mass m and velocity v is fired into a large block of mass M, the bullet gets stuck into the block. What will be the final velocity of the system?

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