CBSE Class 11th Physics Practice Paper: Set - VII

Find CBSE Class 11 Physics Practice Paper for the final exam. This paper contains importnat questions from all the chapters of CBSE Class 11 Physics.

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Find CBSE Class 11 Physics Practice Paper for the final exam. This paper contains important question from all the chapters of CBSE Class 11 Physics. This paper is as per the standard followed by various CBSE Schools within and outside Delhi. This paper is very important to assess the level your final preparation. This paper contains important questions from the complete syllabus of CBSE Class 11 Physics

Few sample questions from the Question Paper are given below:

Q. Manoj is a civil engineer by profession. One day, he visited to his native village. He noticed a high mountain made up of rock in his locality. He thought that if he somehow removes it then the land can be used for various useful purposes. He took permission from the government and completed all the formalities. He broke the mountain parts by parts with the help of dynamite. Small pieces of rocks from the mountain are used for construction purposes. He also establishes a wheat flour mill on this land. Many of the people in the surroundings started to earn and live comfortably.
(a) What values of Manoj impress you?
(b) A rock in the state of rest on the land explodes into two parts of masses 6 Kg and 3 Kg. the heavier fragment to move in the horizontal direction with a velocity of 80 m/s .Calculate the speed and direction of the lighter fragment.

Class 11 Practice Papers

Q. What is the law of floatation? Draw a graph showing variation of intermolecular forces with intermolecular distance. What is the difference between force of adhesion and force of cohesion?

Q. Can a room be cooled by opening the door of a refrigerator in a closed room? What is the difference between heat engine and heat pump?

Class 11 NCERT Solutions

Q. Draw graphs showing the variation of acceleration due to gravity with (a) height above the Earth’s surface, (b) depth below the Earth’s surface.

Q. Find the amount of work that must be done to freeze one gram of water at 0oC, when temperature of surroundings is 27oC. Also calculate the amount of heat released to the surroundings?

Q. Waves are generated in a calm lake by dropping a stone into it. Calculate the phase difference between two points X and Y. When
(i) X and Y lie on the same wave front at a distance = 2 λ between them.
(ii) X and Y lie on the successive troughs separated by 1.5 meter.

Class 11 Video Tutorials

Q. Define: (i) Most probable speed, (ii) Mean speed (iii) Root mean square speed of gas molecules? What do you understand by absolute zero?  Explain mean free path of gas molecules.


Q. Derive various gas laws with the help of kinetic theory of gases? At what temperature is the root mean square speed of an atom in an argon gas cylinder is equal to the root mean square speed of a helium gas to at ‒20o C? (Atomic mass of Ar = 39.9 u, He = 4.0 u).

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