CBSE Class 12th Biology Term 2 Exam Tomorrow: Check Solved Practice Paper By Experts for Last Minute Revision

CBSE Class 12 Biology Practice Paper is provided here to help students in last minute revision before the Term 2 Board Exam 2022. Download the practice paper by experts along with its solution.

CBSE Class 12 Biology Practice Paper 2022
CBSE Class 12 Biology Practice Paper 2022

CBSE Class 12 Biology Practice Paper 2022: The Central Board of Secondary Education, CBSE will conduct the Biology paper for class 12th tomorrow (30th May, 2022). Biology being one of the important subjects requires good preparation and effective revision to score well in the exam. We have provided below the Biology practice paper for class 12 students to revise important concepts before the exam. This practice paper by the experts is best for self-assessment and last minute revision. Download the CBSE Class 12 Biology Term 2 Practice Paper 2022 and its solution from the links mentioned below in this article.

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Check CBSE Class 12 Biology Practice Paper 2022 (Term 2):

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Section A

1. Sometimes red coloured itchy spots appear on the skin. What are these spots called in general terms? Under what conditions a person can get such an infection? (2)

2. Increase in human population and metronization have its own issues of resource utilization. At the end of the day, a lot of environmental issues crop up. How the figure given below help to sort out the problem? (2)


What is competition exclusion principle? Explain it with an example.

CBSE Class 12 Biology Sample Paper, Marking Scheme for Term 2 Exam 2022

3. How vaccination does save us from possible infections during pandemic? (2)

4. Species area relationship is a good indicator of diversity of an ecosystem. If the value of Z is 0.7 for area A, and 0.15 for area B, which area has higher species richness and a steeper slope? (2)

5. An ecologist study an area with species A, thriving on unlimited resources and showing exponential growth, introduced species B and C to the same area. Consider two situations:

a. Species B depends on the same resources as that of A, but population C do not.

b. Species B with status as that of population C (Status of C remains unchanged) but both do not share same time of the day.

What will be the effect on the growth pattern of the species A, B and C when living together in the same habitat? (2)

6. How Connell did explain the change in species composition of an area? (2)


Over the past few decades, with the increase in warming at the global level, out of the regulators and the conformers, which of the two will have better chances of survival? Give two adaptations that support them to survive in the ambient environment? Give one suitable example. (2)


7. The cases of cancerous growth are more prevalent in the society these days. How do normal cells get transformed into cancerous cells? Give three examples of non food items that are considered as contributing factors. (3)


A patient reported for persistent fever and loose motions, although no specific reason could be pin pointed by the doctor. What did the doctor finally suspected? Which test helped the doctor to reach conclusion? Give two other symptoms that could also be visible.

8. How the mother provides protection against infections to a new born baby. Under which category of protective mechanisms it does come. If the mother does not follow this process after delivery, how could this affect the health of baby during first few years? (3)

9. What are Transformants? What procedure is applied to identify the transformants in the culture medium? (3)

10. ‘The Evil Quartet’ is a well established term in the field of ecology. Explain how the population of organisms is affected by it. (3)

Download the complete Practice Paper and Solution from the links mentioned below:

CBSE Class 12 Biology Practice Paper 2022 (Term 2)

Solution of Practice Paper

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