CBSE Class 12 Biology Important 2 Marks Questions: Practice to Score Maximum Marks in Term 2 Test Tomorrow

Check important 2 marks questions for CBSE Class 12 Biology Term 2 Exam preparation. These chapter-wise questions are framed by the experts, hence are very important for the last minute revision before the tomorrow's CBSE Term 2 Exam 2022.

CBSE Class 12 Biology Important 2 Marks Questions
CBSE Class 12 Biology Important 2 Marks Questions

CBSE Class 12 Biology Exam 2022 (Term 2): For the CBSE Class 12 Biology Term 2 Exam that would be held tomorrow, 30th May, 2022, 2 marks questions for all chapters of Biology are provided below. These chapter-wise questions are very important for last-minute revision before the exam. Practicing these questions by experts is definitely going to help you increase your score in the CBSE Board Exams.


CBSE Class 12 Biology Solved Practice Paper by Experts for Last Minute Revision before Term 2 Exam

CBSE Class 12 Biology Sample Paper by Experts for Term 2 Board Exam 2022

Check CBSE Class 12 Biology Important 2 Marks Questions (Chapter-Wise)

Chapter 8 - Human Health and Diseases

Q.Write the events that take place when a vaccine for any disease is introduced into the human body.

Q.Why is a person with cuts and bruises following an accident administered tetanus antitoxin? Give reason.

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Q.Write the source and effect on the human body of the following drugs.



Q .Differentiate between innate immunity and acquired immunity.

Q .How are morphine and heroin related? Mention the effect each one of them has on the human body?

CBSE Class 12 Biology Sample Paper & Marking Scheme for Term 2 Exam 2022 (By CBSE Board)

Chapter 10 -  Microbes in Human Welfare

Q.Name the microbes which are used for the industrial production of the following.

a.Citric acid b. Acetic acid c. Butyric acid d. ethanol

Q.Organ-transplant patients need a medicine called cyclosporine. How is it useful for the patient? Name the source of this medicine.

Q .a) Bottled fruit juices brought from the market are clearer as compared to those made at home. Why?

b) Lipases are used in detergent formulations. Why?

Q.What are flocs in STP? Mention the role of flocs in STP.

Q.How does primary treatment differ from secondary treatment in sewage treatment plant?

Chapter 11 - Biotechnology - Principles and Processes

Q.Identify the recognition sites in the given sequences at which E.coRI will cut and make sticky ends.

5 ́-GAATTC-3 ́

3 ́-CTTAAG-5 ́

Q.What is the role of ‘Ori’ in any plasmid?

Q.Study the given diagram and answer the questions

(a) Name the restriction enzyme that recognises this palindrome.

(b) Name the enzyme that link the DNA fragments.

Q.Make a list of tools of recombinant DNA technology

Q.Why is it not possible for an alien DNA to become part of chromosome anywhere along its length and replicate?

Chapter 12 - Biotechnology and its Application

Q.What are transgenic animals? How was the first transgenic cow found to be more useful than the normal cow, for humans?

Q.How does silencing of specific mRNA in RNA interference prevent parasitic infestation?

Q.What is the cause of Adenosine deaminase deficiency in a person?

Q.GMO’s have been useful to mankind. List about five useful GMO’s created so far and how they have been useful.

Q.Suggest any two possible treatments that can be given to a patient exhibiting adenosine deaminase deficiency.

Chapter 13 - Organisms and Populations

Q.Draw labelled diagrams of stable and declining age pyramids of human population.

Q.Shark is eurythermal while polar bear is stenothermal. What is the advantage the former has and what is the constraint the later has?

Q.How do mammals living in colder regions and seals living in polar regions able to reduce the loss of their body heat?

Q.How do kangaroo rats and desert plants adapt themselves to survive in their extreme habitat? Explain.

Chapter 15 - Biodiversity and its Conservation

Q.Identify the areas labelled i, ii, iii and iv in the pie chart given below representing the biodiversity of plants showing their proportionate number of species of major taxa.

Q.Suggest two practices giving one example of each, that help protect rare or threatened species.

Q.Suggest four advanced ex-situ methods to conserve threatened biodiversity.

Q.How do the following avoid stressful conditions:

a) bacteria

b) snail

c) bear

d) zooplanktons in the lake

Q.(a) ‘‘India has greater ecosystem diversity than Norway.’’ Do you agree with the statement? Give reasons in support of your answer.

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