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CBSE Class 12 Chemistry Practice Paper Set-VII

Nov 18, 2015 11:59 IST

    Find CBSE Class 12 Chemistry Practice Paper (Set-VII) for the coming exam. This paper contains important questions from the chapters: p-Block Elements, d- and f-Block Elements and Coordination Compounds of Chemistry. These questions will not only help the students to prepare for exams in a better manner, but will also help them in understanding the depth with which a topic should be studied.

    Few Sample Questions from this paper are as follows:

    Q. White phosphorus is more reactive than red phosphorus. Why?

    Q. Account for the following:

    (i) H2Te is more acidic than H2S.

    (ii) In the group 15 of the periodic table, the tendency to form pentahalides decreases as we move down the group.

    Q. (a) Actinoids show a greater range of oxidation states as compared to the lanthenoids. Explain giving suitable reason.

         (b) Name an alloy used to manufacture the bullets, shells and lighter flints.

    Q. Ram who was a science student, lived in a village. One day his mother was washing clothes with well water. Ram saw his mother struggling with the soap to form leather in order to clean the clothes and realised that the well water is hard water. Then he advised his mother to use detergent instead of soap to clean the clothes easily.  

    Now, answer the following questions:

    (i) Why is it advised to use detergent in place of soap in hard water.

    (ii) Why soap does not form leather with hard water?

    (iii) Which polydentate ligand is used to check the hardness of water?

    (iv) What values are shown by Ram?

    Q. Give reasons for the following observations:

        (a) Atomic radius of Cu is greater than Cr but the ionic radius of Cu2+ is smaller than that of Cr2+.

        (b) Hydrated copper sulpahte (CuSO4. x H2O) is blue in colour while Anhydrous copper sulpahte (CuSO4) is white.

        (c) La(OH)3 is more basic as compared to Lu(OH)3.

        (d) It is difficult to separate the lanthanide elements.

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