CBSE 12th Mathematics Board Exam 2020: Important Questions & Answers from Chapter 9 - Differential Equations

Check important questions and answers for Class 12th Mathematics Board Examination 2020 from Chapter 9 - Differential Equations

Differential Equations
Differential Equations

The Central Board of Secondary Education CBSE has scheduled the CBSE Class 12th Mathematics Examination 2020 on March 17, 2020. The students who are appearing for the CBSE Class 12th Mathematics Examination 2020 can go through the below-mentioned questions for chapter 9 - Differential Equations. These questions have been strictly prepared according to the latest CBSE pattern for Class 12th Mathematics. 

Question 1-  Solve the following: 


Question 2- State the equation of a curve which passes through the point (1, 1) if the tangent drawn at any point say P (x, y) on the curve meets the coordinate axes at A and B such that P is the mid-point of AB.

Answer: xy = 1

Question 3- If the slope of the tangent to the curve at any point (x, y) is given by the following: 

Find the equation of the curve through the point (1, 0). 

Answer: (y - 1) (x + 1) + 2x = 0

Question 4- Find the general solution of the differential equation given below: 


Question 5- Solve the given differential equation: 


Question 6- Find the differential equation of the system of concentric circles with centre (1, 2).


Question 7- Solve the given differential equation:

 dy = cos x (2 – y cosec x) dx 

(Given y= 2, when x = π / 2). 


Question 8-  Solve  the given differential equation: 

(x + y) (dx - dy) = dx + dy.

Answer: x + y = Kex - y

Question 9- Find the equation of a curve passing through the origin and satisfying the given differential equation:


Question 10- Form a differential equation of all the circles which pass through the origin and whose centres lie on Y-axis.


The above-mentioned questions are based on the NCERT textbook, previous year papers and sample papers strictly keeping in mind the latest CBSE pattern prescribed by the CBSE Board. The students can also go through the links mentioned below to prepare for the upcoming examination: 

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