CBSE Class 12 Physical Education: 1 Mark questions expected to be asked in 2018 board exam

In this article, students will get important question for CBSE Class 12 Physical Education board exam 2018. This exam is scheduled to be held on 13 April 2018.

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CBSE Board Exam 2018: Class 12 Physical Education
CBSE Board Exam 2018: Class 12 Physical Education

Important questions for Class 12 Physical Education board exam 2018 are available here. This exam is scheduled to be held on 13 April and there is a high probability that these questions will be asked in the question paper.

Physical Education is one of the most scoring subjects of CBSE Class 12. With a little smart work any student can easily score more than 90% marks in this paper.

According to the latest paper pattern of Class 12 Physical Education, students will find 26 questions in the question paper. More details about the types of questions in the paper are given below:

Question no. 1 to 11

1 Mark each

Should be answered in approximately 10-20 words

Question no. 12 to 19

3 Marks each

Should be answered in approximately 30-50 words

Question no. 20 to 26

5 Marks each

Should be answered in approximately 75 - 100 words

Students will get 3 hours to finish the complete paper. This paper will carry 70 marks.

In this article, we have provided important 1 mark questions which might be asked in this year’s Physical Education question paper.

Latest Class 12 Physical Education Sample Paper (Issued by CBSE)

Important 1 mark questions are given below:

Question: What is food intolerance?

Question: What is diabetes?

Question: Name any two non-nutritive component of diet.

Question: What are Food Supplements?

Question: What is Osteoporosis?

Question: Your grandmother has severe pain in the legs. Name the test you will suggest to measure her lower body strength particularly legs?

Question: What is Food Intolerance?

Question: Enlist two non-nutritive component of diet.

Question: What are vitamins?

Question: Mention any 01 cause of OCD

Question: Define functional disabilities.

Question: What do understand by Anemia?

Question: Define First-Aid.

Question: Name the test used for strength measurement

Question: Mention the various types of soft tissue injuries?

Question: What is a good posture?

Question: Write one physiological change due to ageing?

Question: Suggest two exercises for correcting flat foot.

Question: What is an abnormal curvature of spine at front termed as?

Question: Which test would your grandmother to test lower body flexibility?

Question: What is aerodynamics?

Question: Define endurance.

Question: Define coordinative ability.

Question: What do you mean by ‘Cardiac Output’?

Question: Explain 1 : 1 ratio breathing exercise for reducing anxiety.

Question: Define flat foot.

Question: What do you mean by league tournament?

Question: What is Rockport 1 mile walk Test?

Question: What is the main objective of intramural activities?

Question: Name the deformity for which horse riding can be used as corrective measure.

Question: What do you mean by motor development?

CBSE Class 12 Physical Education: Previous 5 years’ question papers

Question: List down the safety equipment required for rock climbing

Question: What is the purpose of Harvard Step - Test?

Question: Name one Linear and one Angular Movement from the field of sports.

Question: Pace - Run Method of training is used to develop for which motor component?

Question: What is planning in games and sports?

Question: Write one objectives of adventure sports?

Question: Define Anorexia Nervosa?

Question: Define the term Sports Medicine?

Question: Define intrinsic Motivation?

Question: What is ‘Seeding’ in Fixture for Tournaments?

Question: What do you mean by Adventure Sports?

Question: What is ‘Bulimia’?

Question: Explain the term ‘Menarch’.

Question: What test would you suggest to measure upper body strength for aged population ?

Question: What is ‘Laceration’?

Question: To cover the maximum distance at what angle an object should be released.

Question: Playgrounds are essential for creating sports environment. Justify your answer.

Question: What do you mean by 'surfing’ in adventure sports?

Question: What does the school intend by stating that, “Only such students should participate in the Basketball Intra-murals who have not represented the school in basketball in the past and minimum 10 substitutions shall be compulsory”?

Question: What type of resistance can be used for developing strength among children?

Question: why does involvement in regular exercise delay the onset of fatigue?

Question: What is energy?

Question: Explain intrinsic motivation.

Question: Pace races mean, running the whole distance of a race at a constant speed.” which are the races included in pace races?

Question: Explain sport environment.

Question: Define acceleration runs.

Latest CBSE Class 12 Physical Education Syllabus

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