CBSE Class 12 Physical Education Marking Scheme (Delhi): 2017

Class 12 Physical Education Marking Scheme for CBSE board exam 2017 is available here. This Marking Scheme was used in the evaluation of CBSE Class 12 Physical Education 2017 board exam’s answer booklet (Delhi region). With this article, students can download CBSE Class 12 Physical Education question paper 2017 & its Marking Scheme.

CBSE Class 12 Physical Education Marking Scheme (Delhi): 2017
CBSE Class 12 Physical Education Marking Scheme (Delhi): 2017

CBSE Marking Scheme for Class 12 Physical Education 2017 board exam ((Delhi) is available here for download in PDF format. Class 12 Physical Education board exam was held on 12th April 2017.  This Marking Scheme was used for the evaluation of CBSE Class 12 Physical Education 2017 board exam’s answer booklets.

This Marking Scheme is provided with key points. During the evaluation of the answer booklets, the answers with all key points (as given in marking scheme) were awarded maximum marks.

CBSE Class 12 Physical Education Marking Scheme also contains key answers (or values point) with mark wise break up.

This gives a better idea about the division of marks inside a question. With this Marking Scheme, one can easily understand about the requirement of a perfect answer.

Students can download CBSE Class 12 Physical Education Marking Scheme (All India): 2017 in PDF format from the download link given at the end of this article. CBSE Class 12 Physical Education 2017 board exam question paper ((Delhi) is also available for reference.

CBSE Class 12 Question Papers: 2017

Some content from the Marking Scheme is given below


1. Marking Scheme carries only suggested value points for the answers. These are only Guidelines and do not constitute the complete answer. The students can have their own expression and if the expression is correct, the marks be awarded accordingly.

2. As orders of the Hon’ble Supreme Court, the candidates would now be permitted to obtain photocopy of the Answer Book on request on payment of the prescribed fee. All examiners/Head Examiners are once again reminded that they must ensure that evaluation is carried out strictly as per value points for each answer as given in the Marking Scheme.

3. All the Head Examiners/Examiners are instructed that while Evaluating the answer scripts, if the answer is found to be totally incorrect, the (x) should be marked on the incorrect answer and awarded „0‟ marks.

Question 1: Fixtures are the schedule, fixed for the matches. What is a Bye? [1]

Ans. A Bye in a fixture means that the team which gets a bye is exempted from playing the first round and enters the second round directly.


Byes are given in the first round by which the number of teams playing in the 2nd round is reduced to power of two.

NCERT Solutions for Class 12 Mathematics

Question 2: What are renewable resources? [1]

Ans. Renewable resources are those natural resources which can be used repeatedly, since it is replaced naturally/ replenished over time by some natural power

eg. Sunlight, water, air etc.

Question 3: Fats are derived from two sources. Name them. [½ + ½ =1]

Ans. Animals sources – Ghee, Butter, Curd, Fish Oil, Milk, Meat, Egg

Vegetable Sources- Soyabean, Olive, Mustard, Coconut, Groundnut, etc.

Question 4: What is Lordosis? Explain [1]

Ans. Lordosis is a postural deformity of the spine. In this deformity, the spine curvature is increased inward in the lumbar region.

Question 5: Define Motor Development. [1]

Ans. Development of child‟s bones, muscles and ability to move around and manipulate his/her environment. (Gross motor development Fine motor development)


Development of general body control, fine motor skills and large muscle movements.

Question 6: What is Menopause? [1]

Ans. Menopause is a natural physiological change in women of age between 45-55 years, where there is a permanent cessation of menstruation cycle /primary functions of the ovaries due to hormonal changes.

Question 7: What motor quality does a senior citizen lack, who finds difficulty in tying the shoe laces while sitting on a chair? [1]

Ans. Lower body flexibility/ flexibility.

Question 8: What is hypertrophy of muscles? [1]

Ans. Increase in number of muscle fibres and size of muscle components resulting into enlargement of skeletal muscles.

Question 9: What is contusion? [1]

Ans. A soft tissue injury in which blood vessels in the muscles are broken and internal bleeding may occur on the injured part generally caused by direct hit with blunt object.

Question 10: Define Friction and name its types. [½ + ½ = 1]

Ans. The force that develops at the surfaces of contact of two bodies and opposes their relative motion is called friction

(i). Static friction

(ii). Dynamic friction

Question 11: What does the word “Coping strategies” mean, when talking about sports psychology? 1

Ans. The thoughts and the actions we usually use to deal with a threatening situation is called coping strategies


Making conscious efforts to solve personal and inter personal problems and seeking to minimize or tolerate stress or conflict is coping strategies.

Question 12: Write three differences between Intramurals and Extramurals. 3




1. Activities within the wall/compound of the campus

1. Activities outside the Campus.

2. Activities are organized only for the members of the schools / colleges / institutions.

2. Activities are organized for more than two schools / colleges / institutions.

3. Provides ample opportunities for every member of the school/institution to participate in the activities.

3. Only selected members participate in the extramural activities.

4. It may not be played under fixed rules and regulations of the game.

4. Played under fixed rules and regulations of the game.

5. Specific skills, techniques strategies may not be required.

5. Required specific skills, techniques and tactics.

6. Objective is recreation or talent hunt

6. Objective is to enhance performance of individual or team.

7. Example : Inter -house , Inter- class etc.

7. Example : Zonal , District ,State etc.

Download CBSE Class 12 Physical Education 2017 Board Exam Question Paper (Delhi) in PDF format

Download CBSE Class 12 Physical Education Marking Scheme (Delhi): 2017 in PDF format

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