CBSE Class 9 Mathematics Practice Paper SA – 1 2014

Here you can find the Mathematics Practice Paper for CBSE Class 9 SA – 1 2014. The Practice Paper is syllabus oriented and strictly follows the Marking scheme.

Aug 30, 2014 15:20 IST

Find CBSE Class 9 Mathematics Practice Papers SA – 1 2014. It has been framed keeping the Students' perspective in mind. This will help the Students by enhancing their answering capabilities with an easy and simple understanding of the concept and technique employed in solving this Practice Paper as per the CBSE Marking Scheme.

Q. Point (– 7, 0) lies:

(a) On the negative direction of the x-axis

(b) On the negative direction of the y-axis

(c) In the third quadrant

(d) In the fourth quadrant

Q. Show that of all line segments drawn from a given point not on it, the perpendicular line segment is the shortest.

Q. The polynomial p(x) = x4 – 2x3 + 3x2ax + 3a – 7 when divided by x + 1 leaves the remainder 19. Find the values of a. Also, find the remainder when p(x) is divided by x +2.

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