CBSE Class 9 Multiple Choice Questions Practice Paper Set II: MCQs on Maths, Science, Social Science & English

Get MCQs on Class 9 Maths, Science, Social Science and English subjects to prepare for the Annual Exam 2020.

CBSE Class 9 MCQs
CBSE Class 9 MCQs

CBSE Class 9 curriculum forms a good foundation for the higher classes as well as for the competitive exams conducted after class 10th and class 12th. The concepts and fundamentals learnt in class 9, help students take a lead in higher classes. So, to test the students' understanding about the concepts and topics studied in CBSE Class 9, we have prepared a set of Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs). These questions form a perfect source to assess your learning and check the areas which require some extra efforts to be good at.

In this article, you will get the CBSE Class 9 Multiple Choice Questions Practice Paper: Set II.  These MCQs have been prepared to cover all conceptual topics explained in the core subjects like Mathematics, Science, Social Science and English subjects. All these questions have been prepared by the experienced teachers to bring the extract of all important topics taught in CBSE Class 9.

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Students preparing for the annual exam 2020, must consider these questions of utmost importance. Also, these questions are quite helpful for the students preparing for the entrance level test for diploma courses after class 10.

How are the CBSE Class 9 Multiple Choice Questions Helpful?

The Multiple Choice Questions given here will help students:

  • Brush up the concepts learnt in class 9
  • Analyse their strong and weak areas
  • Familiarise with the questions asked in the competitive/entrance exams
  •  Maintain the speed and accuracy which are quite essential to ace any competitive exam

A few questions from Class 9 MCQs Practice Paper: Set II, are:

Q. Many a man………………to Allahabad every year.

(a) goes                                                                (b) go

(c) are going                                       (d) have gone

Q. “Shallow” find out antonym

(a) high                                                 (b) hidden

(c) deep                                               (d) hollow

Q. What is the period from 1793 to 1794 referred to?

(a) Reign of peace                           (b) Reign of anarchy

(c) Reign of terror                            (d) None of these

CBSE Class 9 Multiple Choice Questions Practice Paper: Set I

Q. Which one country was not a democratic country in 1975?

(a) Austrailia                                     (b) Myanmar

(c) India                                              (d) USA

Q. Which sector do trade, transport, communication, banking etc. come in?

(a) Primary                                          (b) Secondary

(c) Tertiary                                          (d) None of these

Q. In which of the following cases of motions, the distance moved and the magnitude of displacement are equal?

(a) If the car is moving on a straight road.

(b) If the car is moving in circular path

(c) The pendulum is moving to and fro.

(d) The earth is revolving around the sun

Q. A colloidal solution in which dispersing medium and dispersed phase are liquid and gas, respectively is called

(a) Sol                                                   (b) Foam

(c) Emulsion                                       (c) Gel

Q. The zeroes of the polynomial p(x) = x2 + x 6

(a) 2, 3                                                  (b) -2, 3

(c) 2, -3                                                 (d) -2, -3

Q. Which of the following points does not lie on the line 3x = 2x – 5?

(a) (7, 3)                                               (b) (1,-1)

(c) (-2,-3)                                             (d) (-5,5)

Download the complete practice paper from the following link:

CBSE Class 9 MCQs Practice Test 2019-20: Set 2

At the end of these Multiple Choice Questions, there is given an answer key, referring which students may check the correctness of their own answers without wasting time in shuffling with various books to find correct answers.

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