CGPSC State Service Main (Written) Exam 2012:Tips for History,Constitution and Public Administration

The Chhattisgarh State Service Main (Written) Exam 2012 will be held on 22 March 2012.

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The Chhattisgarh State Service Main (Written) Exam 2012 will be held on 22 March 2012. The CGPSC State Service Main Exam consists of seven papers each of 200 marks and 3 hours. Paper III comprises of History, Constitution and Public Administration. The questions are of conventional essay type and range from very short and short to essay type of questions.

The History section comprises of questions from Indian History and Chhattisgarh state’s History. The questions in History section are asked from Ancient, Medieval and Modern History areas. The questions in Indian History are asked on topics like Socio-religious reform movements, Indus Valley Civilisation, Indian Religions like Buddhism and Jainism. Many questions are asked from Indian National Movement with special emphasis on role of Mahatma Gandhi. History section also includes questions on Art and Culture. Apart from this, special emphasis is given to Chhattisgarh State’s History.

For the preparation of History section, refer to NCERT History books of Classes VI to XII. For getting a point-wise coverage of all the subtopics, the candidates can read standard History books.

To view detailed scheme of CGPSC State Service Main exam, Click Here.

For Constitution section, you can go through Indian Constitution by DD Basu or read Indian Polity by M Laxmikanth. This will cater to almost all the questions asked in the Main (Written) Exam. The questions from Constitution section can be asked related to Fundamental Rights and Directive Principles, the Legislature, the Judiciary, the Executive, various Constitutional Bodies and their functions, Centre-State relations etc.

For Public Administration part, go through Indian Polity by M Laxmikanth or any other standard text book. The candidate also needs to be thorough with the current updates related to the Public Administration including the State Administration. Reading the newspapers regularly can help tackle this part. Questions can be asked related to the legislations of the past few years like the Right to Information, Right to Food, Right to Education, etc. Questions can also be asked related to various Central and State government schemes and programmes.

To view sample paper provided by Chhattisgarh Public Service Commission, Click Here.

Candidates can clear their doubts and queries related to exam preparation on of Myjosh.

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