Diwali preps driving you crazy? Try these Cools excuses to escape from them

Excited for the Diwali but not for the cleanliness drive going on back home! Try these cool excuses to get yourself away from the Diwali preps while enjoying the festivities.

Created On: Oct 12, 2017 17:12 IST
Top 5 excuses to get out of Diwali preparation at home
Top 5 excuses to get out of Diwali preparation at home

Diwali vacations are one of the most awaited holiday breaks after the summer and winter vactions in the life a college student. The fun and excitement of festivities coupled with event hopping to different Diwali Melas across the city and going on a shopping spree to take gifts back home; Diwali is surely the best time of the year in campus. Just the thought of boarding that train or taking that flight back home has you grinning from ear to ear. How about the excited rushoff that you make for the eagerly awaiting open hands of your mom and other family members upon seeing them? It's all fun and excitement everywhere. 

But do you also remember that sudden turn of mood when your mom mentions those pending task of Diwali preparations, ones she saved just for you. If Diwali preps and the annual cleanliness drive thatprecedes it drives you crazy, you are in luck this time. For we have come to your rescue with fool proof plans to excuse yourself from the unavoidable tasks coming right up your way.

Short Trips = Full Masti

When studying away from home diwali is one of the most awaited festivalfor you. The long break and the chance to celebrate with family has you on a festive high. You go on to book that plane or train ticket months before to avoid any last minute issues on bookings. No other festival has you more excited than this. But those boring diwalitask awaiting you at home are a total fun spoiler.

Well, one of the easiest ways to get your way around them is to plan a short trip home. Reach the day before or on the day of Choti Diwali and takeoff on the evening of BhaiyaDhoj or the very next morning. No fuss, no cleaning jobs, just loads of festive fun with family and friends.

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Diwali Party With Friends

How about planning your own separate party with friends? Your parents have their own parties and functions to go to. Why tag along with them and meet the overwhelming aunties and uncles, when you can have fun of your own. Spend the night with your friends moreover, if you have your own party to go to, you would even need to make preparations for that. Which means you can't spend all the time at home helping turn the house upside down and clearing away all the junk before Diwali. 

A Diwali away from home

What would be your thoughts on planning a Diwali getaway?Like instead of celebrating Diwali at home plan a trip, go solo or with plan one with friends. After all, you celebrate Diwali every year at home how about some nice change and spending it at some nice scenic place. Like experiencing Diwali in a quiet hill station or by the beach side. Moreover, you won't find the holiday rush because of the festive season and might even get good deals on hotels and all. Plus, it saves of you all the trouble of cleaning the house for Diwali.

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Go on the festive shopping spree

Who doesn't enjoy shopping for the festivals? Long shopping lists are made from buying new clothes, sweets and decoration items  to gifts for friends and family. And surely, spending your time in the vibrant market places full of interesting festive stuff is much better than boring cleaning tasks at home. Also, its win-win situation for both you and your parents. It saves them from the frequent market trips and you from cleaning the home.     

Exam Preparations (You can always pretend to even if, you don't actually do it.)

This is one of the most popular and widely used excuse especially by those in college. Most colleges have semester exams starting in the mid of November and students use it as their trump card in getting away from Diwali preparations. Whenever your parents tell you do some work you always happen to remember those upcoming exams and rush off too your room to study. However, what you really do behind the close doors is a completely different issue altogether.  From playing video games to watching movies you do everything but study. Don't be surprised if your parents come knocking at your door just to check on you. They are well aware of your tactics, so be very mindful of using this excuse for getting away as sometimes the tables may turn around on you.

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Lastly, if you fail to apply these excuses successfully to get away from lending a helping hand in Diwali preparations at home, well in that case we are out of tricks. Your only option then is to finish the boring tasks assigned to you as fast as you can. After all, Diwali comes only once a year you should spend as much time with your family as possible. And if helping them clean the house is what it takes then you should do it. Moreover, being part of an Indian family, there is no excuse that get you completely rid off of partaking in Diwali preparations.  And we all know how dramatic Indian moms can be, no matter how hard to try or how many excuses you make they always find a way to get what they want.

So, good luck in your endeavors to get away from participating in Diwali preparations. Have a fun-filled and Safe Diwali. Happy Diwali!

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