7 brainy apps to exercise your Grey matter

Today, we have several mobile applications and games that can help you exercise your grey matter and get smarter while also enjoying this new and innovative way of studying. While some of these games are just time pass and useless, there are many others which can prove to be really beneficial.

Jul 17, 2020 16:19 IST
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7 brainy apps to exercise your Grey matter
7 brainy apps to exercise your Grey matter

hoever said studies can’t be fun was completely wrong. In today’s day and age, when our lives revolve around the smartphones that we carry around everywhere, ignoring them when it comes to college studies and exercising your brain would be a complete no-brainer. While being overly dependent upon technology for everything might sound like a bad thing, but if used in the correct manner, it can go a long way when it comes to keeping your brain sharp and ready for the challenges that you face as part of your college studies.

Today, we have several mobile applications and games that can help you exercise your grey matter and get smarter while also enjoying this new and innovative way of studying. While some of these games are just time pass and useless, there are many others which can prove to be really beneficial. Puzzles, brain teasers, crosswords and other such games can be used to exercise and strengthen one's grey cells. They have also proven to be great stress busters.

So, here are some apps that can help college students exercise their grey matter and maintain a good mental fitness regime.

Andoku Sudoku

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Sudoku is a logic-based puzzle game that involves placement of numbers in specific positions.It has 9x9 grid of cells that is further broken down into 3x3 regions containing all digits from 1 to 9. Some of the cells are filled with certain numbers determining the difficulty level. The goal is to fill the entire board in a manner that all 3x3 regions contain every the digits from 1 to 9. Furthermore, each row and each column must also contain every digit from 1 to 9. The puzzle can prove to be real tricky at times but is a good exercise to charge up ones grey cells. 

Sudoku games can become really addictive once you get the hang of it but playing it on paper or in same old standard formats can get really boring. Andoku Sudoku enables you to play this game on your mobile screen on the go. This Sudoku app has 5 levels of difficulty, 10 different game variations, and about 200 puzzles for each game variation and difficulty level.Another interesting feature of the game is different gaming modes called 'Extra Regions' that Andoku offers its users. X-Sudoku, Hyper- Sudoku, Percent- Sudoku, Color- Sudoku.


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Learning facts and figures can be a very tedious task for students at times. Sometime they put in hours at stretch or spend sleepless night trying to cram up things. All this make learning a very boring and cold process and start shy away from it.
Eidetic is an app that helps them memorize things in a fun and interesting manner. The apps uses a method called 'Spaced Repetition' to help its users memorize things easily. It's perfect for students as it assists them in memorizing notes to lists, phone numbers, quotes, facts to learningvarious other useful things with real life applications. Users simply have to set the intensity of memory training and the length of testing period. You can learn things in a single day by cram-fest or space it over a period of 2 weeks to a month learning it more naturally. The app notifies you when it's time to work on your memory and take the challenges to evaluate yourself through the tests. It's a unique and interactive platform that helps a person put their grey matter to use at the fullest.

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Happify app uses scientifically backed principles and exercises to help improve a person's outlook on life by dismissing the negative thoughts and be happy. The app developers believe that happiness like any other skill can be sharpened and improved over time with practice. They use the basic rules of psychology that involves emphasizing the strengths and virtues that prompt the person to look at things differently. It makes use of polls, articles, quizzes and many more items to initiateproductive habits.

At the time of registration you are asked to fill up a questionnaire based on which an analysis will be made as on what areas of your life are leading to stress and or distress. You are then given access to various courses that can help you improve those areas. Thus, helping your improve your mental health.

Brain It On!

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Brain It On at its very core is a physics based puzzle game. With about 100 puzzles to solve and the difficulty level rising with each one you are sure booked on a fun roller-coaster ride with this game. Each level in this game has a specific objective. You have to achieve the said objective by drawing various shapes on the screen. Each level provides you with the opportunity to earn three stars. The app proves to be an outstanding tool to put to use your concepts of physics in a fun manner.  It makes use of Machine Learning to ensure that the shapes created obey all the laws of physics from force exerted by  magnetic fields to forces between charged particles. The app makes one think out of the box and is perfect for use by people of all age groups.

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Lumosity is an app that provides its users with brain training games designed to improve one's mental abilities. These games are developed by neuroscientists and for most part are challenging, fun and entertaining. It offers personalized training programs that focus on the user defined areas in need of improvement such as concentration, memory and aptitude.

The games are based on 5 general cognitive areas: Speed, memory, attention, flexibility, and problem solving. You are asked to choose the areas of you'd like to improve before the registration process. The app also provides its users with a  3 day trial period. In the games tab you have access to about 40 games each with a different motive. Some are speed tests where a flash card with various shapes is shown and you have to indicate whether it matches the previous card or not. Some others exercise your grey matter for names and faces. There are time constraints and has the provision to track one’s progress. Lumosity is a very popular and an effective app.

Shape Jam

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Shape Jam is a competitive puzzle game inspired from games like Set. It's a game that seems very easy at first but as the levels increase it gets insanely hard. The game is designed in a manner where two opponents match tiles based on color, shape and numbers. And each of these three elements must either contain three matches or three different shapes.

All the matches are played in as asynchronous 60-second rounds, with score multipliers and other surprises making the interface more engaging. Quick game length and the option for both online and offline play allows for the players to have a great brain-twisting challengeon the go at their disposal.

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To sum it up…

So, there you have it; 7 super exciting games and applications that can help you get smarter without even you knowing it. While we have been able to list only a few of them here, there are many other undiscovered educational mobile applications and games that are available for smartphones. If you feel any other educational mobile application should be on this list, do point them out in the comments section below. And next time your parents ask you to keep your mobile phone aside and start studying, just open anyone of these apps and impress them with your smartness.

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