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Dr Abdul Kalam racquet launched by Dayal Groups

Oct 21, 2015 16:12 IST

    Dr Abdul Kalam racquet has been launched in the Dayal 7th International Prize Money Badminton Championship held in Hong Kong on 1st October 2015. Consulate General Mr Prasanth Agarwal launched the racquet in Hong Kong and former World Champion Mr.Xiong Gubao launched in China. Dr Yuva Dayal, Director of Dayal Groups facilitated the events and

    Dr. Abdul Kalam racquet is been give to Hong Kong Paralympic Team and the prize winner.

    Dayal's Dr. Abdul Kalam Scientific badminton racquet is the first of its kind in the world to monitor and analyze your strokes and provide you with useful feedback to become a better and more accurate player.

    The Racquet apps can be downloaded in Android phones and iOS phones. The sellable racquet will be soon launched in India as Y-Pro by Dr.Kannan Pugazhendi (Indian sports medicine Specilist ) and the starting price will be from Inr 3000 rupees onwards for the selling version