Family First: Tips to balance your work life and the stress of your ageing parents

Feeling guilty about ignoring your ageing parents due to work commitments? Here’s how you can manage your work as well as the stress of your ageing parents.

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Family First
Family First

The ancient Egyptians had a beautiful belief about death. When their souls got to the entrance to heaven, the guards asked two questions. Their answers determined whether they were able to enter or not. ‘Have you found joy in your life?’ 'Has your life brought joy to others?' And trust this fact that the real joy is experience in the old age when a person is through with all the responsibility and have leisure time to make way for the things he/she always wished to do.

While you are busy juggling with your career needs and trying to explore a definite path that can offer you steady growth, you parents are aging simultaneously in quest of a lost purpose. Do not get stressed thinking how you will manage with their needs and demands, rather try out these ways to smoothly enjoy the aging process of elder people in your family. 

Accept the Change

At the very first step, accept the fact that old age is an inevitable truth and everyone will face it one day or the other. Indeed it is hard to accept the reversing equation, when once your parents used to take care of your needs and now that you are all grown up, you are expected to take care of them like never before. This is the time when you can prove your worth to your parents. They waited for this day and always believed that you will be by them.

Hence, accepting the fact that your parents are aging will make everything smooth and easy to manage. Once you are over this feeling of seeing your parents fight the old age and related symptoms, managing other important aspects will become a cakewalk. You will be able to work out ways and means to engage them throughout the day and helping them lead a happy life.

Always believe in the power of the quote when it comes to the old age of your parents. You will feel a ray of hope filling your life with many more happy moments to relish with them.

Don’t lose Yourself

This is the time of life when you will find yourself busy as a beaver. Taking care of elderly person is no less than running a never ending marathon. During this phase of life, do not forget to take care of yourself also. All you need to remember is that health makes wealth and that if you are healthy then all other things will take care of themselves. If you fall ill, world would seem to come to a standstill.


You might feel irked and enraged at small instances, start to distance yourself from social gatherings, encountering lack of sound sleep and feeling anxious could make things worrisome for you. Do not ignore these signs as they can make your life dull and demotivating. So, share your problems with your spouse, ask your children to help you take care of your aging parents. You can even talk to your friend about such issues in life that will help you relieve your stress. Like in the movie Piku, Deepika Padukone shares her worries with Irfan Khan and office buddy about her aging dad and tries to lead a less stressed life.

Plan for Financial Needs also

Finances play a crucial role, especially when parents become a part of dependent population. It is advisable that you make plans with your financial adviser to take care of the financial needs of your parents. In case they become victim to some terminal disease or any other issue, keep a medical plan/rider handly to manage the hospitalisation bills and other associated costs. A Mediclaim is always advisable so save from the over-burdening expense of the hospital bills.

If your parents are not entitled to pension then you can also check whether they are eligible for the schemes such as Reverse Mortgage and if they are interested to take advantage of it. Some more schemes such as Monthly Instalment Scheme (MIS) can also be considered for them. It will enable them access to certain amount in hand on monthly basis thus reducing their dependency on your for every financial need. It will serve as a pocket money for them.

Heaven forbids, but consider a scenario if you die unexpectedly before your parents, a plan will still be in place for their long-term care. Make way for the insurance plan to take care of their financial needs in your absence. A man/woman should always be prepared deal with the worst phase of life.

Health Check-ups are indeed Important

The most precious gift of life is ‘Health’. Do pay attention to the diet plan of your parent’s and yours’ as well. It is healthy diet that will keep you on the toes all day long. If needed consult a doctor/dietician/nutritionist to get a proper diet plan for yourself and your parents. If your parents will stay healthy, this will solve half of your problems. You would not have to run to the doctor every now and then.

Make sure they consume all the meals of the day as per the doctor’s advice and are also regular on their pills (if recommended by the doctor). Allocate a calendar to them on which they can keep track of their medicine stock, doctor meetings, and other related stuff.


Your aging parents will never become a trouble to your otherwise busy life once they are fit as a fiddle. Along with a healthy diet, motivate and convince them to take a stroll in nature and meet their friends often. This will keep them mentally fit and sound. They will recall the golden days of life and it will keep their memory intact.

Seek help of Sandwich Generation

The Sandwich Generation! Yes, you read it right. This generation is well trained to manage their career growth with this stress. Typically in their thirties or forties, they not only deal with aging parents but also take care of their little kids. They are sandwiched in the burden of life that can’t be escaped.

If you find it too hard to deal with the pressure of dealing with aging parents, seek help of Sandwich generation. They have the best of the tips in store to guide you about the life and manage all the expenses while staying happy yet responsible in life.

To Sum Up...

As a caregiver to your aging parents, you need to understand that once you were a big time responsibility of your parents. Now the time has come to return the favour without reeling under stress. Put the aging of your parents in place by staying happy and healthier.


Your parents do not expect much from you. All they want is to see you lead a successful life and a few minutes of your day when you can pay attention to them. A constant flow of affection from you will make their life easier. It is the only job where you will feel successful without having to invest much time and effort.

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