Got selected in Interview? Follow these simple Salary negotiation tips!

Have you won over the interviewer as a professional but don’t know how to negotiate your salary? Then, follow what we are providing you as best tricks for salary negotiation.

Salary negotiation tips that actually work
Salary negotiation tips that actually work

You search or change a job obviously for growth. You want to get hike in both post and the salary. But, most of the time, you fail to negotiate your salary due to hesitation which leave you dissatisfiedduring the course of your working hours in office. This, later, begins frustrating you and start affecting your performance.

To know How to negotiate your salary with you new employer, keep the reading continue as here, we have provided a comprehensive list of the tricks to negotiate the salary.

Be Patient

Before Getting into minutes long interview, prepare a strategy. Decide yourself what and how to convey you side, discussing about salaries.Besides these, you need figure out the amount you expect as your salary. Most of the times, the candidates accept the fail to negotiate their salary and accept the job responsibility even at low salaries. They initially like the job but later get frustrated only after the knowing the salaries of their colleagues. Consequently, they have to repent their decision. So, to evade such situation, be patient and don’t show incongruity in salary negotiations. Think carefully before accepting the job offer.

Match your expectation with skills, expertise etc.

The employers, will initially deny employing you if you expect more than what you actually deserve, negotiating your salary. So, weigh out your skills, expertise, knowledge, position you have applied for, and other key things before begin the salary negotiation with employer. Most of the time, the candidates get confused with what to expect as a salary from the new employer and raise the demand for the salary that don’t match their expertise, knowledge, experience, and position. This situation embarrasses both the candidates and the employer. So, before getting into negotiation, try to weigh out that how much could be expected for role you want to play at the organisation.  

Don’t show you’re needy

You need to discus about the other opportunities you have, especially when you negotiate you salary. In polite manner, try to cite what other companies are offering you as salary hike. This will help you to improve your deal. Most of times, the candidates accept to join their duties in new company at the exact salary amount the company offer. This happens, especially when the candidates fail to handle the tricky negotiation and show that they are needy for this job. To withstand the tricky negotiation, don’t show that you’re needy for the job and that you have not any other option.  

Ask 10% more than you actual salary expectation

Bargaining is an art. You will get the benefits of it if you learn bargaining. The human resource departments of different organisations have specialisation in this art. Talk about 10 percent more salaries hike than what you actually expect while negotiating your salary with them. If you want a 30% hike, then talk about 40-45% salary hikes.  

Give preference to money

‘The more one earn, the more he / she become success’ has now become a scale of career success. It is up to you whether you want to work at low salary in your dream company or go with the high salary in another company. Experts say that the option to go with a high salary company should be selected.

Stay cool, polite, and logical in you talk

You have to show coolness in the entire hiring process. Don’t lose tamper especially when you talk about salary. Stay cool and put your point before the employer in a logical manner. Don’t be nervous thinking about what would happen if you lose this job. Promote your skills, expertise, and knowledge and ask your employer in most polite manner.

Improve your personal network

Having a good network is very important. This lets you know how much salary is being offered in another company. This will help you to create your own strategy. Remember that do not negotiate salaries after getting the salary offer letter. Before you get the offer letter, try to understand all the things. You can talk about PF etc. in detail with your HR.


‘How much one is earning’ has now become the scale to measure the success. This applies, especially to those who cater their services in private companies, organisation, and institutions, because people are keenly watch and observe their lifestyle. For this, one needs to know how to get a handsome amount of salary, performing their duties. Through this article, we have tried to help those fail to negotiate their salary.

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