Guess paper for CBSE Class 12 Mathematics 2013 Set-1

Find CBSE Board 2013 Class XII  Guess Paper (Set-1). This CBSE Class 12 Mathematics Guess Paper 2013 (Set -1) will help you to score maximum marks in CBSE class 12 Mathematics question paper 2013


Feb 16, 2013 14:16 IST

CBSE Mathematics Set - 1 Guess Paper 2013, given here.

1. If a line has direction ratios 2,-1,-2, then what are its direction cosines

29. A diet for a sick person must contain at least 4000 units of vitamins, 50 units of minerals and 1400 calories. Two foods X and Y are available at a cost of Rs. 4 and Rs. 3 per unit respectively. One unit of the food X contains 200 units of vitamins, 1 units of minerals and 40 calories, where one unit of food Y contain 100 units of vitamins, 2 units of minerals and 40 calories. Find what combination of X and Y should be used to have least cost satisfying the requirements.

27. Find the image of the point (1, 3, 4) in the plane x – y + z = 5.

23. Using the matrix method, solve the following system of equations:
     2x−z = 3,5x+y = 7 and y+3z = −1

24. Find the area of the region included between the parabola y2 = x and the line x + y = 2.

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