Positive takeaways from a breakup for college students

If you are going through a tough phase post break up, here are tips you can follow to turn it into a positive experience.

Created On: Apr 7, 2020 19:14 IST
How can you turn your breakup into a positive experience
How can you turn your breakup into a positive experience

Life seems to be quite over after a breakup doesn't it. Coming out a romantic relationship that lasted for months or years can be very difficult. Pushing yourself to move on is very hard in such scenarios but then it's very important to do that. The very word 'Breakup' forms the image of devastation and dejection in one's mind. But have you ever tried to look at it the other way around. What if your breakup wasn't a bad thing but the best thing ever happen to you. Only things is you might not realize it right away. But no matter what you reason for a breakup might be heartbreak is an inevitable outcome of it. And in times like these you need to look at things in a positive manner and not give in to the sadness and pain for it that happens you'll only feel worse not better with time. So, in this article, we have discussed some of the positive aspects of having a breakup.

You Become Unapologetic About Your Choices

After going through a break up you become more confidant and clear about your choices and preferences. Clarity of thought and better control on your emotions especially in an future relationship that you'll enter are some of the biggest takeaways of a breakup. You will be more sorted as an individual and less likely to be compromising or apologetic about your choices. Most importantly you learn to say no.  

It will teach you the true meaning of life

Sometimes relationships come to an end because to the circumstances that the two people are in. It might not necessarily be that the other person is evil or bad. People fall in and out of love and it's a part of life that you got to accept. But sadly one realizes or understands these facts only after having faced a heartbreaking situation like that of a breakup. Breakups make you more mature and understanding of other person's problems or situation. It teaches you that life isn't always fair not every path you walked down has fairy tale ending. You can't control everything in life for that's just the way it is.

Tough times don't last, tough people do

When you are going through a break up, it seems like the pain will never end. But, it does surely it takes time but it does. And when that happens you feel quite stupid for having wasted so long for something so unworthy. Heartbreaks are a part and parcel of life and when they happen it takes time to heal but that doesn't mean you'll sulk all the way. The point is when you emerge out a heartbreak you are much wiser and stronger person than before.

Discuss things with a close friend

Dealing with a breakup can be quite hard but it surely brings back the old friends some of those with whom you hardly spent time with because you were too busy hanging out your lover. So, the lesson that you learn here is that love may or may not last forever but best friends always do. Also, having someone to talk things with helps get over the breakup faster.

You learn to love yourself

It is essential to surround yourself with people who understand you but the 'healing process' we mentioned can happen only when and if you are committed to it yourself. Surround yourself with friends and family members who care deeply and genuinely for you but do not rely on external support so much that you shatter emotionally on the slightest lack of it. A very good Bollywood example for this is the movie Queen starring Kangana Ranaut. After getting dumped from her fiancé one day before marriage, Rani (Kangana's character) decided to go for her honeymoon alone. The lesson simply is that you got learn to love yourself.

You will learnt the true meaning of 'letting go'

'In the end, you have to let go'. Get rid of your bitterness and regret as these are two of the most common emotions that people going through break-ups experience. You may be bitter because of what your partner did and how much they hurt you. You may even feel regret because of all the time you wasted on such a bad relationship. There are many regrets that you experience from the way you acted or why did you put up for so long with someone who just wasn't the right person for you. Truth is there is no end to list of things you'll regret. But to be able to your life back on track you'd need to fight these feelings off.

To Conclude,

Break ups are tough regardless of how old you are but they can be a lot tougher to get over in college. You are still young and young love usually seems so promising but when that fairly tale ends it hurts in worse ways than anything you have experienced before. But we hope that some of these steps mentioned above will help you get over a breakup faster as you think of the positive aspects it has had on you.

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