How to control emotions during the IAS Exam Preparation?

Many IAS aspirants are often heard uttering clichés like ‘IAS prep is a way of life’; it may sound like a line out of a film, but it is true to some extent.

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Many IAS aspirants are often heard uttering clichés like ‘IAS prep is a way of life’; it may sound like a line out of a film, but it is true to some extent. With extensive syllabus that spans across different subjects to tough daily schedules and the unprecedented time crunch; IAS preparation poses several challenges before aspirants that become part and parcel of their daily lives. However, none of the aforementioned challenges are as difficult to handle as the emotional turmoil that IAS aspirants experience as part of their civil services preparation process.

How do Emotions Affect IAS aspirants?

Emotions although play very important role in the success of IAS aspirants. However, negative emotions often act as a de-motivating factor for IAS candidates that results into unnecessary anxiety and stress that hampers the civil services preparation process. When it comes to emotions, aspirants have to face challenges from personal, peer, familial as well as societal perspective during the IAS preparation phase. At societal and family levels, the pressure for IAS aspirants stems from the lack of awareness among the members about the goals and aspirations of the candidate. This results in the constant comparison between the aspirants and their counterparts of the same age group who have established successful and stable career already.

The emotional turmoil faced by aspirants is even greater when it comes from peers or from personal doubts. Peers, who have either cracked or done better then aspirants often puts a lot of pressure resulting into unnecessary stress and anxiety. Doubts in the personal capacity, potential and aptitude of the candidate can also play havoc with the

confidence of candidates preparing for IAS examination. No number of hours of studies can replace the self-confidence that is needed to crack the IAS examination.

Tips to control emotions during IAS exam preparation

As stated above, emotions play a very important role in the success of an IAS aspirant, but it all depends on which type / kind of emotions you allow to dominate your psyche. Positive emotions that inspire and motivate you can lead to over confidence and complacency that can hamper your IAS preparation process. Negative emotions, on the other hand, will create self-doubts in your potential as well as the very decision to take up civil services as a career choice. Therefore, it is very important to keep either type of emotions under check and develop a balanced emotional state the offers you right amount of confidence in yourself, while at the same time keeping a critical outlook towards the preparation process to improve and change it as and when needed.

Below, we have discussed important tips to control your emotions during IAS exam preparation

1. Don’t get addicted to Success

Being successful is a great habit, but being addicted to it is not so great. In today’s world, especially when we talk about the highly competitive field of the civil services examination, there are bound to be candidates who are better than you in one way or the other. In such scenario, aspirants who are addicted to success often feel disappointed at the first instance of failure they face. The key lies in realizing and accepting the fact that in such a competitive field, there are bound to be other candidates who are better than you in one way or the other, the challenge for you is to rise to the occasion and take up the mantle to work hard and be the best.

2. Test your Patience

IAS preparation is not a crash course it is a long term process that has to be treated as an alternative way of life. In other words, it is a process that requires your unwavering attention along with immense patience. IAS preparation requires you to exhibit patience in all walks of life. Be it preparing for subjects that you are not comfortable with, following a tough and demanding daily schedule or studying for long hours at a stretch without any breaks; IAS preparation demands patience from your in all aspects. Apart from these, IAS candidates also have to show patience when it comes to their end goals or results. You will see many aspirants clear the civil services examination in their first go, while you with all your earnest effort will not be able to do so even in 2nd or 3rd attempt. In such times, you will have to show patience and keep working towards your goals and vow to be better than the self you were here.

3. Believe in Yourself

Self-belief and self-confidence are the two factors that will help keep you in the path of IAS success. As years go by and you continue preparing for the one of the most coveted career choices in India, you will start having self-doubts about your potential and aptitude in clearing the examination. The immense pressure of IAS preparation coupled with pressure from society and family will often result into aspirants questioning the very decision to opt for the civil services as a career choice. In such times, belief in the dream of becoming an IAS officer and the reasons behind it will act as a motivator for aspirants to continue their preparation towards success.

4. Enjoy the Journey rather than the Destination

The quote ‘enjoy the journey rather than the destination’ stands very true when it comes to IAS preparation. Many successful candidates who have cracked this examination have shared their experience of IAS preparation being the best foundation course they could have asked to become the part of Indian bureaucracy. The syllabus designed for civil

services examination is done so, not to act as a hindrance for aspirants, but to make them aware of the challenges that lie ahead of them after clearing the examination. Candidates who have thoroughly committed themselves to the IAS as a career choice are known to better enjoy the preparation process that helps them not only clear the examination but also be mentally, intellectually and emotionally ready for the tough job profile of an IAS officer.

5. Be focused on the end goal

When faced with emotional turbulence, the best way to move ahead is to look back and reflect over the decision that inspired you to take up IAS as a career choice. There must be some or, at least, a few good reasons that had compelled you to join the civil services examination bandwagon, and it they could convince you then, they surely hold the potential to convince you right now when you are going through tough times. Reflecting on the end goal or your dream of becoming an IAS officer will not only help you reiterate the factors that inspired to take the jump then but also resolve any unsolved doubts that you might have about your choice. If you choose civil service for as a career choice for the right reasons like being part of the government machinery to be an agent of change for the betterment of country; these would only strengthen your resolve in taking on IAS exam with renewed vigour and valour.

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