How To Get Into The Good Book Of A Manager?

Getting into the good book of manager of a team is neither an easy task nor a hard nut to crack if a professional follows what we have delivered below.

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How To Get Into The Good Book Of A Manager?
How To Get Into The Good Book Of A Manager?

Becoming the most valuable workers for a team, manager, and senior has always been a matter of prestige. But As a professional, it isn't so easy task that it could easily be attained. It takes hard work, strategy, and determination. A manager who is always surrounded by his team members watches and observes each and everything happening during the course of the routine work. In an organisation, the work plans get implemented or executed by different teams and persons. Such teams are supervised or guided by a team leader or manager. He who assesses and reports the performance of his team members to the top most management of the organisation always observes the team members. For a professional, a good assessment prospect from a manager plays a crucial and important role for success and growth. But getting into the good book of manager of a team is neither an easy thing nor impossible if a professional follows the basic rules and strategies while working in a team of an organisation.   

To know how to get into the good book your manager, keep reading the strategies listed out here.

Keep Him Updated about You And The project

Relationships require trust which builds up following the course of time. A professional wants to develop good relationship with his/her manager or immediate boss then he should meet the commitments he made. He shouldn't violate the timeline. One should never try to blind his/her manager or immediate boss if he/she wants to have a healthy and good relation with the manager. Keeping him informed about the development of the projects,he assigned you, will create an environment of confidence about you.

Understand Your Manger’s Goal And Priorities 

In an organisation, the top management who head the organisation assigns the different task and roles to its team leaders, managers, and superiors. The organisation sets the target and goal for a team leaders or managers. In the same way, a manager who leads a team assigns the different task to his team members. A professional who wants to get into the good of the manager needs find out the goals and priorities of the managers. This will certainly brings his confidence in you.

Don't Be Negative

Everyone carries both good and bad points with his/her personality. A good professional shouldn't be negative about his boss as this isn't positive for work happiness and prospects a negative sign for the success.

Understand your boss and work style

Your boss may do the work in such a way which might be different or difficult understand for you. And small effort may enable a professional to understand the goals, preferences, and priorities of his boss. A professional should try to understand the work style of his mangers/boss. To get into the good book, one should find out what value his/her boss looks for.

Approach Big Bosses only if it’s Necessary and Keep Your Manger in Loop 

Approaching big bosses not only shows your distrust on the administrative infrastructure of the organisation but also the ignorance towards your immediate managers. This can hamper your immediate boss’ confidence. Professionals often wonder why their immediate bosses start disliking them, suddenly. In most of the cases, the professionals approach third line bosses without keeping their immediate manager in loop. And the managers start feeling ignored by their junior that has enough potential to damage the good relationship of manager and professionals.


In modern days of the corporate world, becoming one of those professionals who are being liked by the first, second, and third line manager is fruitful, beneficial, and good for the career growth. The career growth of most of the professionals often gets stuck at a designation for long time. They wonder why this happening is and remain unable to find out cause of the problem and solution. In a bid to help them, we have listed some reasons of why your first line boss starts disliking you and of course, the solution.

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