How to prepare for CAT 2017 without coaching: Follow 5 Simple Steps!

You can Qualify CAT 2017 without coaching. Follow 5 simple steps. Find out tips to crack CAT exam without coaching

Created On: May 22, 2017 10:56 IST
How to prepare for CAT 2016
How to prepare for CAT 2016

If you are the one finding difficult to attend coaching classes and take your approach in a confined manner, here are some tips to crack the CAT 2017 exam without coaching. While coaching classes can be heavy in your pocket as well as on your time schedule, you should take the approach by following a definite pattern of preparation. No matter what the reason may be, one should always look for and adopt own strategy to prepare this exam. There are numerous options to prepare this exam hence aspirants should thoroughly research the various available alternatives before setting up their preparation plan.

However, since you lack regular coaching classes, the most important factor is HARD WORK & DETERMINATION to crack the exam.

   Self-Motivation & Consistency

Aspirants often lack the larger motive behind their goal to take up the CAT exam. Passion to win should become a driving force to keep up the consistency in your preparation strategy. Since coaching classes and teachers guide you on the right track and colleagues keep you updated, lack of support is cut short. Yet if you keep yourself determined and follow a pattern of consistent hard work, you can easily get through CAT 2017.

Many candidates, who have previously appeared for CAT, avoid taking coaching classes again. These candidates also need to stay focused on their goal.

   Preparation Schedule

A schedule is imperative to prepare in an organized way while accomplishing daily and weekly targets because schedule is an important step to remain consistent. It is equally mandatory to stick to the plan because the preparation might go in a haphazard way. Those who are working professionals need to take their crucial time out for DAILY AND WEEKLY PREPARATION.

Candidates who have dropped a year off or are preparing exclusively for CAT 2017, they need to devote eight to nine hours regularly.

   Online Classes

Aspirants can attend short term online classes to save time while maintaining the track of preparation. With a thorough research and consultancy you should choose right course materials and focus on test modules once you have completed your syllabus.

CAT is a time constraint examination with excessive competition; hence one should develop the speed by practicing a lot. Online courses are generally more cost effective than regular full time coaching classes.

Make sure to read the reviews of the courses online before buying anything.

   Social Networking Sites

Social networking sites have become more reliable as authentic preparation materials are available. Visit Online forums like Quora that can be referred for preparatory materials.

Group studies are another form of Networking to ease the burden of studies on your own. A good company of people keeps you on the right track. It enables you to deliberate and discuss your problems, strategies; topics etc. with your peers and find new tricks to solve problems.

If some of the members are taking coaching, that can be an extra benefit for you to move cautiously. They help you to clarify your queries and doubts and also give you the suggestion based on expert advice and inputs. You can also take same mock test or practice test together and understand where you stand in the competition and judge your outcome accordingly. 

Neha Manglik, only female among 16 shares how she achieved 100 percentile without coaching. “I do not think it is necessary to join coaching for CAT. Preparation can be done through group studies with friends, reading online or popular study materials etc.  Group studies with my friends helped me a lot as we helped each other with our respective weaknesses.” 

    Find your Weaknesses

Solving MOCK TEST PAPERS two months before your examination is important. One should also look you certain type of questions which have consistently appeared in examinations. Some question can be solved in only two seconds if you employ the right gimmicks.

ANALYZING YOUR WEAK POINTS and working deliberately on your shortcomings will help you to overcome and achieve success. After basic preparation, you should start taking mock tests regularly. A clear picture of your abilities and weakness will be displayed to you. A thorough analysis is crucial for your progress in your strategy.

Based on the analysis, you have to strategize your preparation. Initially, you need to take the mock tests once or twice a week and with time you can increase the frequency of the mock tests to four or five times a week.

Be confident and positive – This is the most vital factor for those candidates who are preparing without any formal training or coaching. Don’t underestimate your potential to crack the test than your competitors who are taking coaching.

Vishesh Patni, CAT 2014 who secured 100 percentile said, “Having the right attitude is the key to crack CAT.” It is imperative to keep a very positive mantra to stay confident and stay motivated throughout your CAT journey.

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