How to Solve Reading Comprehension based on Economics and Banking quickly?

Reading comprehension is the most important topic in English section in bank exams as you can easily get 10 to 15 marks in this topic.  In this article, we shall discuss important techniques to solve these questions quickly.

Reading comprehension questions are very common in banking exams as well as exams such as SSC, Insurance exams etc. Generally, you are given a passage and based on that, a certain number of questions is given and you are supposed to answer those questions taking cue and information from the given passage. It becomes very difficult to score high if you are not good in reading comprehension since with this, you can score 10-15 marks in the English section, which is often considered as a deciding factor for your selection in the final list. In this article, we shall discuss ways in which you can solve these questions easily and score as much as possible in this section.

Reading Comprehension: How to tackle it?

The reading comprehension is one of the most important types of questions that come in any banking examinations and in most of these exams, you can expect 10-15 marks from this section and scoring fast with accuracy will fetch you the all important marks in the examination to secure that elusive job for you. So, what should you do?

• Be familiar with terms related to banking, finance and business: It is often seen that most of the passages that are taken for the bank exams are based on economy, business, finance and banking. So, there are certain jargons that are used in these sectors and they are used very often in the given passages. Get yourself acquainted with terms such as NPA, Cash Reserve Ratio, Statutory Liquidity Ratio, Bank Rate, Base Rate, Prime Lending Rate, appreciation, de-valuation of currency etc. This will improve your speed since you do not need to think about the implications of such technical terms.

Understand the main idea of the passage: In any given passage, there is a central idea around which the whole paragraph revolves. Sometimes, it is even asked in the question to check whether you have been able to grasp the main idea of the paragraph. So, get the idea of the passage first and then only, you can also answer other questions as well.

• Write your own opinion about the paragraph: This may be a bit time consuming but if you practice it properly, you will be able to use this method well and to the perfection. First, go through one paragraph at a time and write down the main idea of that and like this, do the same for all the paragraphs. This way, you will get the overall idea about the whole passage along with individual paragraphs. It will help you solve questions based on the total passage as well as questions based on an individual paragraphs.

Jot down important points about banking: This is a way to understand the passage and its context in a better way. In this way, you will get an idea about the important aspects of banking and finance. This is to be followed when you are going through newspaper everyday and you should note down important points regarding articles on economics, business, finance and banking. This will help you keep abreast of main issues of the day and will give you an edge to solve questions in the real examination because of your background knowledge. Well, you are at an advantage since most of the passages are based on current events related to these sectors.

Passages may be based on development and social issues as well: Having said that most of the passages in the examination are based on economics, finance, banking etc, sometimes these are also related to issues concerning the development of economy and burning social issues of the day. So, keep reading the newspapers everyday because you will have an idea about the issues going on in the vicinity and most of the passages come from these issues only. Do not go to the examination thinking that passages will be limited to economics only but it may extend to areas such as economic development, social upliftment etc.

Reading comprehension questions are very important in any banking examination and you need to be fast as well as accurate to score well in these examinations. These questions will fetch you 10-15 marks easily in any examination concerning English. So, better prepare yourself properly for all the challenges and then only, you will get that most coveted job you are looking and striving for.

All the best !!

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