How to Start Preparation for JEE 2018 from Class 12th?

Its never too late to start preparing for JEE exam. In this article you will get to know the tips and strategies of how to prepare for JEE if you have start preparing from 12th class.

Sarvesh Mehtani

Sarvesh Mehtani, topper of JEE Advanced 2017 in his interview told that he started his studies from 8 the class at resonance Udaipur but he started studying in a concentrated way form 11th class. Most of the toppers started their studies before their intermediate class, intensively from 11th class. There are several reasons to prepare for JEE from Class 9 onwards which are as follows:

  • Preparation from class 9th or class 10th gives students enough time for practicing different types of questions and go through the basic concepts deeply and by the time students reach 11th or 12th grade , they have strong grip on the important concepts.
  • Early preparation for JEE boosts the confidence of students as it enhances their quality of practicing regularly.
  • In every field of work quality and quantity of work both matters, but the quality work brings fruitful results. So, earlier preparation for JEE helps students to focus more on quality preparation as the quantity of time is more.

But if you have not started preparing from earlier classes or even you missed the chance of preparing in class 11th and want to prepare from class 12th and thinking it to be impossible to crack JEE, then this article will surely be of great help to you.

First have a brief understanding of what actually JEE means?

JEE is Joint Entrance Examination which is all India common engineering examination that offers admission in various engineering colleges all over country. The test is divided into two stages:

  1. JEE-Main exam offers admission to National Institutes of Technology (NITs), Indian Institutes of Information Technology (IIITs),Centrally Funded Technical Institutes (CFTIs).
  2. JEE Advanced exam offers admission to the Indian Institutes of Technology (IITs).

And those candidates who qualify JEE Main will be eligible to appear for JEE Advanced.

Go through the following tips to know how to start preparation from Class 12th:

Ready to face the challenge:

JEE 2018

Till 12th class you are competing on school level among 50 to a maximum of 1000 students. But when you are appearing for JEE exam that means you are going to compete with lakhs of students. This means that you have to give your 100% effort, but how to give 100% effort??

  • The main thing to crack any competitive exam is the clarity of your basic concepts. So, the main focus should be on the concepts. As you have not prepared in your 11th class. So, try to give time to concepts of 11th class. Each and every day try to go through some basic concepts of 11th grade. Because in JEE exam you are not being asked direct questions. You can answer them only if you have good grip on your concepts.
  • Practice as many questions from each topic as practice improves your speed and accuracy.
  • Never let your doubts unclear, ask your teachers or discuss with your friends.
  • Make your separate copy for the important things to remember and should have a copy where all the important formulas are being written.

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  • Build a Routine

Students preparing for JEE must evolve a daily routine that caters to their all their needs in terms of preparation for JEE Exam, preparation for the board exam, maintaining a healthy body as well as defined time to rest. Considering that for self-study, students will have the flexibility of dedicating preparation time for JEE, they should be able to manage it quite easily. However, preparing a daily schedule on paper and implementing it is quite different. So, along with preparing a great daily routine that accounts for all your study needs, you should also ensure that it has practical and achievable goals.

  • Study Materials

Coaching classes are known to provide regular study materials that are curated by experienced teachers and mentors, who have years of experience with respect to JEE test. Add to this, the regular tests, guess papers and quick tips; make coaching classes appear to be the best way to crack JEE. But, having too much study material and too little time is also a problem.

Therefore, students, who are studying for the engineering entrances on their own, are at an advantage in this respect. Plus, getting study materials, even from the best coaching classes is not really a challenge nowadays.

  • Manage your Time

Time management is more than just preparing a timetable and following it; it refers to the planning of time in a manner that helps you achieve all your short term (daily) tasks while making regular progress towards the long-term goal of cracking JEE Main / JEE Advanced. Time management covers three key concepts as explained below:

Time management

  1. Selection of Time: It is very important for JEE aspirants to pick the right time to study, where they are mentally and physically free and able to study complex concepts with relative ease. The right time to study for each aspirant is different; therefore, self-studying students will have the advantage of flexibility in this respect.
  2. Prioritizing: Along with right time to study, time management also refers to the selection of the right topic to study. If you have a concept or a topic that will take 4 hours to complete, there is no point in picking it up when you only have an hour of study time left. To avoid this, prioritizing and selecting which concepts need how much time is also part of right time management.
  3. Goal based timelines: Have you ever felt that you have been studying for hours, but still have no clue about the concept that you are trying to learn. This is because you lack a goal based approach to your study techniques. Time management also helps you to define goal based timeline to complete topics and master concepts that fall within its purview.
  • Don't spend long hours on Internet, TV, playing games and go to bed early at night and rise early. It is true that early to bed early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise.
  • Peer Study Groups: Coaching classes help IIT-JEE students is by providing a competitive environment of likeminded and talented people. Having to compete with a talented pool of engineering aspirants often help students raise the bar when it comes to JEE preparation. However, it is not necessary to join a coaching class in order to build healthy competition; it can be easily achieved by building a peer study groups of JEE aspirants.

 By following all these tips you must get a good rank in JEE whether it may be JEE Main or JEE Advanced.

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