Human Health and Disease -CBSE Class 12th NCERT Solution

Get, detailed solutions to the questions of the chapter Human Health and Disease from NCERT textbooks

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May 28, 2018, 14:40 IST

Get, detailed solutions to the questions of the chapter Human Health and Disease from NCERT textbooks. The objective is to helping students regarding the pattern of answering the question as per the cbse latest marking provided you NCERT solutions for classes 12th math and science subjects.




Some questions of this chapter are given here

Q. What are the various public health measures, which you would suggest as safeguard against infectious diseases?

Answer. To check the transmission of infectious diseases preventive steps are taken. Some common preventive measures are education, isolation, vaccination, sanitation, eradication of vectors and sterilization.

Q. In which way has the study of biology helped us to control infectious diseases?

Answer. Biological research and tools has helped a lot to control and eradicate communicable diseases. It helps us in various ways, some of them are:

a) To know the nature of disease.

b) To find out the mode of transmission of disease.

c) To provide treatment and cure the infected person by medicines.

d) Provide vaccines and immunization treatment for preventing the further spread of disease.

Q. What measure would you take to prevent water-borne diseases?

Answer. Drinking contaminated water is one of the main reason of water born diseases such as typhoid, cholera etc. To prevent from these diseases we should dispose sewage, excreta etc. properly. We should check our water reservoirs regularly and drink water after boiling it.

Q. Discuss with your teacher what does ‘a suitable gene’ means, in the context of DNA vaccines.

Answer. A suitable gene means, that special DNA segment which can be injected into host body to produce specific proteins. These produced proteins can kill the particular disease causing organism present in host body.





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