IAS Main (Written) 2014:General Studies I: Important Topics for Geography

It covers important topics of Geography for IAS Main (Written) General Studies I

Oct 10, 2014 15:02 IST

Geography forms the part of IAS Main (Written) General Studies I. Geography always has a defining edge that spill over all the other sections of General Studies Syllabus. Geography is so vast in its contents that it nearly covers all the areas of the general studies. The Environment Studies can be taken as a part of the Geography because it is affected by the physical features of the area.

There are various branches of Geography which have an overlapping area of study with other subjects such as Economic Geography, Population Geography and the Like branches. The Geography students always have an edge in General Studies due to its wide coverage. Important Topics for General Studies Geography are as Follows:

•    Physical Geography including Different theories about the evolvement of earth, interior features, volcanoes distribution across the world

•    Earthquake and distribution across the world, Earthquake prone areas in India, relationship between earthquake and volcano belt.

•    Oceanic plates and tectonic activities, important fishing grounds, reasons for tropical areas not  being important fishing grounds

•    Distribution of resources across the world and contribution of India towards the availability of resources.

•    Himalayan features and its comparison with the  Western Ghats and plains areas and plateaus and evidences of active tectonism in Himalayas

•    Himalayan and peninsular rivers features and comparisons

•    General Topics of Climatology such precipitations, cyclones tropical and temperate

•    Structural features of shivalik range, impacts of Al Nina and La Nina on Indian Monsoon. Mechanism of Indian monsoon.

•    Issues of coral bleaching in India

•    Major industrial clusters of India  and world, and main reasons behind the development of these clusters

•    Feasibility of interlinking of rivers in Indian and problem of water crisis

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