IAS Topper Dr. Roman Saini shares his IAS Prelims Exam Strategy

Here, we have provided the transcript of Dr. Roman Saini’s video, who have cleared IAS Exam in the year 2013. His suggested tips and strategy may help aspiring candidates in their preparation of IAS Prelims Exam: 

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A young boy from Jaipur, Dr. Roman Saini has achieved 18th rank and merit of the IAS Exam 2013 in his very first attempt. A doctor by profession, he is working as a junior Resident Doctor in the All India Medical Science, Delhi. His father is an engineer and his mother is a homemaker. He is very fond of playing guitar and also has a certificate in the same. He was aspire to become Civil Servants by the real plural condition during his rural posting in the village Ballabhgarh, New Delhi.

Jagranjosh.com: What do you think about the changes in the IAS Prelims Exam Pattern?

Dr. Roman Saini: In 2011, UPSC introduced a change in Paper II, earlier they used to ask optional Paper, you can choose any optional you want. But to make it uniform throughout the country without any educational background by SS, they introduced something called Ethics, Integrity and Aptitude Paper as Paper II.

So, the past three years it has been continued and it is a very good step from UPSC because the thing is that Optional subject present in the like there used to be scaling a lot, those people who scoring highly in one subject after scaling down the score used to handle the low plus for those people who had been studying pas 6 to 7 years for this examination it was lot easier for them to crack the Prelims each and every year again.

But for the CSAT Part II you can’t just prepare that much, you can practice of course it has, but those were in genuine logical, analytical and ethical thought process they can clear this exam easily, thank to be changed brought up by UPSC and I was fortunate enough to have this change my time.

I scored like 183.33 out of 200, corrected 75 questions out of 80. So, I don’t think I would have been able to do that the change was not there. It makes selection process a lot better.

First of all those who with genuine talent logical, analytical and ethical thought process can think of clearing this examination in first attempt now and you don’t need to mug up a lot facts now, thanks to the change brought up by the UPSC. So, a good change in the right direction.

Jagranjosh.com: Does joining coaching helps in clearing the IAS Prelims Exam?

Dr. Roman Saini: Not necessarily, as I was spoken to already, if you can, genetised series or you can get these test papers from outside sources also. Just put yourself in a time constraints of 2 hours and solved the paper meticulously in those 2 hours and then check your paper from the answer key.

And then cause your own preparation with your own self, keep competing yourself, you are bound to improve in that in your life.

Jagranjosh.com: How far the group discussions are helpful in clearing IAS Prelims Exam?

Dr. Roman Saini: Frankly, I didn’t do any Group D for IAS prelims, so, I won’t able to come into that but many people do, so, if it suits, go ahead and do it.

Jagranjosh.com: When did you start the Preparation for IAS Prelims Exam?

Dr. Roman Saini: I started about two years ago when I was posted in a village, so, it’s almost 2 and half years.

Jagranjosh.com: What was your strategy for General Studies for the IAS Prelims Exam as whole?

Dr. Roman Saini: I read Hindu Newspaper helps a lot, read it daily meticulously especially Editorial portions, Thursday- Science and Technology edition, lots of questions are asked from them. Then, as I already run a video series, I used to read those videos also, I have done academy.

Then Jagranjosh.com helps lot for updating current affairs. Most of the content is read from Wikipedia let me be very frank.

For IAS Prelims Exam as a whole keep studying 6-7 hours in a day, keep daily schedule fixed, think a plan in mind and execute that plan no matter what happens. Don’t get bogged around by the fact that friends keep asking that you don’t like to come outside, go to watch movie- don’t fall into that trap.

You can go once in a while in someone’s or since it’s your birthday or something I don’t mind that, neither, should you are a human being after all but for more or less you should continue with daily plan and you studies.

Jagajosh.com: How did you prepare for General Studies for IAS Prelims Exam?

Dr. Roman Saini: As I have told you like there various topics in the IAS General Prelims Exam and you can just check it that on unacademy, the thing is go to, like read Hindu Newspaper daily it helps in all those sections.

Second of all join a test series will come to know that what kind of questions is being asked by UPSC. Check all the questions of UPSC over past years it’s available for free of cost at upsc.gov.in- Previous Year Question Paper section. And then read standard textbooks, start from NCERT 6 to 10th of all the subjects and for 11th, 12th read for Politics and Ancient History that are like most important thing.

For Environment and Ecology portion, I would suggest that to check out for our videos or you can always mail at my facebook page so I will be more than up to date. And read Biology chapter No 13 to Chapter 16, Class XII NCERT.

Jagranjosh.com: How did you balance between different sections of the IAS Prelims Syllabus?

Dr. Roman Saini: There is no need to balance between them, read them everyday don’t like start with geography and like study till Geography, you are Ph. D in Geography, you just need limited kind of limited depth knowledge but the range should be very vast.

You need to read Geography, History, Economy, Polity, International Bodies; you need to study Science and Technology, you need to study Basic Sciences- Physics, Chemistry, Biology. You just can’t study them forever. Make a plan and one week cover all the subjects as much as you can, then change the plan till it suits you.

Jagranjosh.com: What was your strategy to Prepare for the General Studies Paper II (CSAT)?

Dr. Roman Saini: For CSAT, there is no particular book which comes, frankly for me; it doesn’t work to study from the book. Read The Hindu Newspapers, it helps a lot because the editorials, the comprehensions, reading Comprehensions which constitute about 40 -50% of the Paper II.

They are usually lifted directly from NCERTs, Hindu Newspaper standard Magazines like Yojna, Krukshetra and for Mathematical Abilities I would suggest that do basic maths and algebra and we will be uploading videos soon for that.

So, you can follow that us there and we have already uploaded two videos so, you can check them out as well. Plus the last thing is for decision making, don’t leave decision making part at all because there is no negative marking, 6-8 questions come, it’s easy marks, if you leave its kind of suicidal alone at your part because you won’t makes very difficult to get selected in the Examination.

Two options are correct in those decision making part. So, read the newspaper daily, there is no hard and fast rule to prepare for Paper II if you can watch some good English movie with subtitle that have a lot for comprehension otherwise just read general knowledge and focus on maths, decision making and reading comprehension.

Jagranjosh.com: How did you make balance between the General Studies and CSAT for IAS Prelims?

Dr. Roman Saini: As I have already spoken, if you prepare for GS very-very well it will bound to help you in Paper II, so, don’t need to like do it separately at all. Paper II is just checking your logical and analytical thinking, practice, practice, practice till you get a good score of 160 plus.

Jagranjosh.com: As we know that for an IAS, the nature of work responsibilities is changing. Do you think that the present pattern of the IAS Prelims suits to filter the undeserving candidates?

Dr. Roman Saini: No, not necessarily. Earlier it used to be case that some undeserving candidate might were into the examination, thanks to the Optional subjects which were prevalent at that time but now since the CSAT Paper II has been introduced, so, I don’t think that the case anymore.

Anyway no examination’s selection process can be perfect but we set ideal benchmark and UPSC can strive to reach that benchmark where only the deserving candidate who really want to work for the nation at grass root level and help the masses and those who are helpless cannot help themselves, will get selected.

Jagranjosh.com: What suggestions would you like to give for the future candidates for IAS Prelims?

Dr. Roman Saini: For IAS Prelims, as I have already told you that if you are a future candidate and you have no idea how the UPSC Exam works, again and again I am speaking the channel, an academy just go to that, you will get a good video, in ten minutes you will know what you have to study.

If I was a candidate I would go back to that channel if that was existing in my time. So, I knew that for rural aspirants and poor aspirants who cannot afford to come to Delhi for other coaching hubs before the initiative I have took along with my friend Gaurav.

So, Yeah, just go and check the net. Keep studying meticulously, hardworkingly, hostently, and keep perseverance in your mind and heart, you will achieve it, just keep telling that yourself and you will.


Click here for Dr. Roman Saini’s video



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