IBPS PO Interview 2017: Importance of your Body Language

In this article, we are going to focus on the body language tips that may make or break or future in that hallowed interview room.

IBPS PO interviews are starting and all of you are geared up for the same. This is such a big opportunity for all of you to secure a job as well as to secure your future. This may be the stepping stone to a bright future on your part or on the other hand, some of you will end up as the highest ranking officials in these banks only. All possibilities are there provided you give your best in this last round of selection.

IBPS PO Interview 2017: What are the things I need to take care of?

An interview is the test of one’s personality rather than one’s knowledge since your knowledge and aptitude have already been tested in the gruelling mains examination which all of you have passed already. Here are certain things that you need to be very careful about apart from mugging up facts about banking and your profile:

  • Enter the room with a knock and walk straight towards the interviewers: This is your entry into the room and you need to make it perfect. Once you are asked to enter, knock the door a little and take permission before entering the room. After that, once you are inside the room go straight to the chair and walk straight without bending.
  • Sit only when you are asked to: This is the next important thing once you enter the interview room. Wait for the interviewer to allow you to sit and whenever you are asked to sit, sit after saying thank you with a smile.
  • Greet everyone: See the time of the day before entering the room since your greeting depends on that. If there is any lady member, you need to wish her first and after that, wish everybody else or you may wish the others at one go making sure that you make eye contact with everyone while wishing.
  • Maintain eye contact all the time: This is the most important thing you need to keep in mind during the interview. Do not ever look somewhere else since that shows that you are cooking up certain story or that you are nervous. Whatever you say to anybody, look straight into the eye and answer to the best of your abilities.
  • Sit straight all the time: You need to sit straight all the time and do not ever bend towards your back even if you are not feeling comfortable. You are inside the interview room and bending that makes it feel like you are relaxing there.
  • Do not shake your legs or hands or bite or fidget with your nails: Do not do any of these things since it means that you are nervous and at the same time, you are not listening properly to what the interviewers are saying. So, try to move a bit forward while listening to the board and move a bit backwards while replying to their queries.
  • Keep a smiling face all the time: This is the most important thing in an interview since in a bank also you will have to serve to a number of customers with a smile. You are expected to be patient and at the same time, you are expected not to disclose your feelings in front of the interviewers. This means even if the interview has not gone well, you are expected to maintain that smiling face of yours. This applies to a situation where you are not able to answer a question or an interviewer is not looking satisfied with your answers.
  • Speak clearly all the time: This is important since your tone makes a lot of difference. If you are speaking clearly that implies that you are confident enough with your replies. You should be audible but at the same time, do not be too loud in your replies. In any case, do not indulge into arguments with the interviewers.
  • After the interview, wish everybody and leave slowly: Once your interview is over, you are expected to say thank you to each and everyone and after that, make your exit a confident one by going slowly towards the door, opening it and after coming out, closing it slowly.

IBPS PO interviews can make your life with your excellent performance and at the same time, it may be disappointing for you if you are not able to make it to the final list. So, this is your chance to excel in this interview and secure a job in any public sector bank of the country. Make note of all the points in the article and keep everything in mind. Stand in front of the mirror and practice speaking as it will give you a real interview type feeling and at the same time, make a group of friends to practice mock interview every day. Hope all these points will be helpful in your preparation and also getting that dream job of yours in a PSB in the country.

All the best!!

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