ISC Class 12 Economics Exam 2023 (Today): Check Important Topics and Last Minute Revision Tips

ISC Class 12 Economics Exam 2023: The ISC class 12 board exams have arrived, and the next paper will be of Economics. It’s an essential course for commerce stream students. Check here for last minute revision tips, important topics and essential resources to secure good marks in the ISC Class 12 Economics Exam 2023.

Last Minute Revision Tips and Important Topics For ISC Class 12 Economics Paper 2023
Last Minute Revision Tips and Important Topics For ISC Class 12 Economics Paper 2023

ISC Class 12 Economics Exam 2023: Economics (code: 865) is an elective subject that is a core component of the commerce stream in ISC Class 12. It’s a must for students to succeed in Economics as it’s a scoring and mostly theoretical subject. The ISC Class 12 Economics syllabus will bigger and more difficult than other boards but if you have a keen interest in Economics, you won’t find it too difficult to secure good marks in the final examination. The ISC Class 12 Economics Exam is on 24 February 2023 and now is the time to go over the important topics and do revision. But with a syllabus so vast, where to begin? We bring you a compilation of all the necessary resources of Economics you’ll need along with last minute revision tips here. But first check the guidelines to appear for the ISC Economics exam 2023.

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Guidelines to keep in mind for ISC Economics Exam 2023

  1. Arrive at the Examination Hall / Room five minutes before the start of the examination.
  2. Late candidates will be required to give a satisfactory explanation and reason to the Supervising Examiner. Except in exceptional circumstances, a paper will not be given to any candidate who is more than half an hour late. Candidates will not be allowed to leave the Examination Hall/Room before the end of the paper.
  3. Read all questions carefully and keep note of the word limit and number of marks on the paper. Only attempt the number of questions that are mentioned in the paper.
  4. On the top sheet of the Main Answer Booklet, put your signature in the space provided for the purpose. Do not scribble anywhere on the top sheet.
  5. Fill up your details neatly and double-check if you’ve entered the correct information.
  6. Once you’re finished, arrange your answer scripts in sequential order, along with graphs, maps and extra sheets.

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ISC Class 12 Economics Exam Last Minute Revision Tips

Economics is a predominantly theory-based subject, but it also requires a deep understanding of the concepts. Students have to analyse various charts, graphs and factual data while studying. As such, even revision becomes difficult. But not with the following ISC Class 12 Economics Exam Last Minute Revision Tips.

  • Revise only through notes. Don’t pick up a new topic to study. If you don’t have notes of your own, try to borrow from a friend.
  • Solve previous years question papers and specimen papers of ISC Class 12 Economics before appearing for the exam. They boost confidence and give an idea of the expected length and difficulty level of the exams.
  • Revise essential formulas, definitions and differences.
  • Practice writing the important questions and focus on handwriting. Spelling and neat handwriting will make a good impression on the examiner. Write with a blue/black ballpoint or fountain pen only. Use pencils to draw charts and diagrams.
  • Do not be stubborn while writing the exam. If you get stuck on a question, save it for later and move on to the next one.
  • Don’t go beyond the word limit. Examiners only award marks for the word prescribed in the question. You’ll only waste time if you write more than necessary.
  • Economics has many diagrams and flow chart-based questions that are asked in exams. Be sure to practice them.
  • Only emphasize revising the most-asked yet simplest topics at the last moment otherwise your mind will get occupied with new concepts and forget the old ones.

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Check out the topic-wise weightage of the ISC Class 12 Economics Syllabus below.

Marks S. No.






(i) Demand

16 Marks


(ii) Elasticity of Demand


(iii) Supply


(iv) Market Mechanism

12 Marks


(v) Concepts of Production


(vi) Cost and Revenue


(vii) Main Market Forms and Equilibrium of a Firm

12 Marks




Theory of Income and Employment

8 Marks


Money and Banking

8 Marks


Balance of Payments and Exchange Rate

6 Marks


Public Finance

6 Marks


National Income

12 Marks


80 Marks

That’s all the last minute revision tips you’ll require to secure good marks in the ISC Class 12 Economics exams 2023. Revise, practice and don’t forget to focus on your presentation. Best of luck!

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