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Khan Academy is a non-profit platform which is available for students, teachers, and parents to encourage digital learning. Find out why and how to use Khan Academy during the COVID19 lockdown when students around the globe are impacted by the closure of the schools.

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Khan Academy Portal
Khan Academy Portal

Around one billion children are impacted globally due to the school closures amid the COVID19 outbreak. In this scenario, Khan Academy, a digital learning platform has turned out to be a resourceful aid to ensure that students are less impacted due to the close of school and are able to utilize their idle time in learning new concepts.  

Khan Academy is a brain child of Salman Khan, an American Educator, who has launched around 6500 videos through the non-profit digital learning platform launched for the school students. The content is available for class 1st to 12th with an aim to promote self-learning through online classes. Khan Academy was launched back in 2008 with a goal to establish online user-friendly tools that can be used by the school learners easily to study important topics. With a wider social media reach, the platform boasts a user base of no less than 5.53 million learners and to keep up with the popularity of delivering quality content, Khan Academy has gone multi-lingual and can be accessed by users across globe. However, the primary mode in which the content is delivered remains English language.

So whether the school is closed during the summer break, winter vacation or due to pandemic such as COVID19, students can bank upon the online tutorials of Khan Academy to learn new concepts or to get their doubts and queries solved through experts at Khan Academy. In this article, you will find out popular courses that you can access for free from the website, and some other relevant detail about the trending digital learning platform.

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Why Khan Academy?

Find out why you should study through Khan Academy this academic season:-

Free Portal – Khan Academy runs on the principal of non-profit organisation and is a free mobile app for the learners. Students can learn any program, concept, subject without having to pay any fee. Teachers ad experts also volunteer for free to teach the students. The Khan Academy mobile app claims to  be 100% free, with no ads and no in-app purchases.

User-friendly Content - Khan Academy offers thousands of conversational video content in Hindi language for the Indian audience so that students are able to understand the concepts easily. This approach reduces the cognitive load for ESL learners. Listening to a non-native language can be a burden and also reduces the attention-span of the listeners.

Multi-lingual – As mentioned above, Khan Academy delivers videos that have been translated into several languages, along with the subtitles. The education platform is multi-lingual and can be accessed in English (en), Bangla (bn), Bulgarian (bg), Chinese (zh), French (fr), German (de), Georgian (ka), Norwegian (nb), Polish (pl) Portuguese (pt), Spanish (es), Serbian (sr), Turkish (tr) and Uzbek (uz), and partially available in 28 other languages.

Conducts Webinars – The digital learning platform is not just focused to deliver educational content, but also conducts webinars for Parents and Teachers to ensure that they know how to balance online and offline studies for the students. The aim of webinar is to ensure that there is no hindrance in the online delivery of the content.

Subjects and Courses available

Khan Academy as a digital learning platform that helps the learners understand various concepts through YouTube videos or the videos available on the official website. Here is a list of subjects that you can learn at Khan Academy.  

History, Computer Science, Economics, chemistry, Maths, Biology, Business Management, Health Sciences, Economics, and Calculus among other subjects

Other Programs

Apart from the regular courses, aspirants can also prepare for some other fields as mentioned below:-  

SAT Entrance Exam- Khan Academy has emerged as one of the best platforms for the SAT aspirants. Till date more than 10 million users have signed up on Khan Academy to prepare for the SAT exam.

Educational Programs for the Kids (2-5 years) -Novice learners in the age bracket of 2years to 5 years can also benefit through Khan Academy. Through this platform, creative activities such as Drawing, storytelling, reading, singing, identifying colors, and objects can be conducted through their Early Learning Outcome Framework program.

College Grads and Job Seekers - Khan Academy has ventured into another domain that related to the job seekers and college graduates. Experts have contributed for launching a video series to guide young professionals to choose right career options and how to crack the job interview. Experts in this domain have shared statistics of future income in each profession, growth prospects and much more. Professions such as Salon owner, pilot, music composer, teacher, Special educational instructors, artisans have been discussed to support offbeat professions.

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