Lesser talked about advantages of one sided love affair

One sided love affairs can be tricky and tough. Here are some tips to deal with them.

Lesser talked about advantages of one sided love affair
Lesser talked about advantages of one sided love affair

One sided love affairs can be tricky and complicated and enough proof for the same has been given by Shah Rukh Khan's movies from the 90s. While the movies were mega blockbusters, Shah Rukh turned into a creepy, self destructive lover in almost all of them. In real life, things can be very different and one sided love might not be that bad after all. You cannot force anybody to fall in love with you and can't expect them to reciprocate them in a manner you want and so here are few advantages of staying in a one sided relationship with your crush.

You will know that unrequited love is actually strengthening
Unrequited love is another concept depicted poorly in Bollywood movies. When you are in a one-sided love affair, you realize that it sometimes you don't need people to respond to feel good about what you think about them. Love and care are not given with expectation of a barter and that is what makes these feelings so organic. Unlike other people in relationships, you don't expect anything from the person you admire and resultantly the disappointment is less.

You are saved from potential heartbreak

One sided college romances are good because they save you from heartbreak which comes from betrayal or merely ignorance. When you know that the other person is not interested in you romantically, you can move ahead with your life without the fear of them hanging out or getting involved anybody else. Sure, it will hurt if that happens but certainly not more than a brutal break up.

You learn to be patient with people
One sided relationships teach you a lot about being patient with people. As mentioned before, you can't force yourself on the other person and have to value and respect their decision of what part they want to play in the relationship. You also learn to give up on people when it's time to do so. There are generally two categories of people, one who are hopeless romantics who keep waiting things to turn in their favour as far as romantic relationships are concerned and others who love without expectation. They believe in the saying, "When you love someone, let them go. If they come back, they were always yours and if they don't they never were". Even if their love interest gets involved with someone else, they are happy for them because they are happy.

You learn to love yourself
If you have loved someone and not got that in return, you will learn how to not depend on others for happiness. This will lead to discovery of many new talents and inclinations. When you love yourself, your reliance on others for contentment reduces considerably. This might just turn to be the best thing to have happened to you. Whatever the experience, turn it into something positive for your life. Focusing only on the negatives in your life is a bad habit. Excessive focus on negative or less favourable events in your life can make these events seem disproportionately important. If you find yourself complaining that everything that happens to you is bad, try to find a little evidence to the contrary. It is very unlikely that everything is really bad.

You have absolutely zero obligations

 When in a relationship, you have to keep in mind so many things and do everything with the other person's sentiments in mind. In a one sided affair, those obligations do not exist. When your crush ends and the you stop feeling the same way for the person, things don't get ugly as they do in a relationship. This kind of relationship is based on good intentions and hopefulness and there is nothing more to them than that. It can be both, a good thing and a bad, depending on how you decide it to be.  

As said in the beginning, one sided love affairs might not be as grand and glorious as they are portrayed in movies and literature. They demand subtlety and patience, more than any other relationship. If you ever find yourself loving someone who doesn't love you back, know that it need not be depressing and that it is important for you to accept reality.

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