Expert Speak: Importance of Life Skills and Soft Skills

Life Coach Piyush Mahajan shares the importance of life skills and soft skills for students and how these skills can play a pivotal role in building a successful academic and professional career.In this video article, she will share with us her journey so far and her motivations for choosing a career that helps her make a difference to other people’s lives.

Created On: Aug 6, 2018 18:33 IST
PiyushMahajan on importance of life
PiyushMahajan on importance of life

Life Coach and Soft Skills Trainer, Piyush Mahajan, in conversation with JagranJosh.

Extracts from the interview:

Motivation to become a life skills coach:

Ms Piyush Mahajan completed her certified life skills certification course two years back and she also has more than 11 years of corporate experience. She loves interacting with people and even in her organizations she use to participate in various activities for team building and interaction with people. This is what inspired her to re-think her career options and follow her passion. She opted for a career shift from technical domain to leadership training and life skills training. 

Type of people who need Life Coaching:

She typically works with young adults who have already embarked on the journey towards being working professionals. Their key concerns include career confusion and career transition, which is where she helps them gain clarity about what they want to do and decide the right career path for the future.

Solving problems & dilemmas through questions:

One of her clients who had completed B.Tech in IT was confused about the future course of action i.e. either opt for MBA or go for a job. But, the client was more inclined towards going for an MBA. To clear the air around this dilemma, she asked him ‘Why MBA?’, and the client had no clear answer for it. Similarly, many of her clients come with dilemmas that often seem very complex but the solution to these dilemmas are often simple and mostly found in the objective that they want to achieve in the long run.

Unique approach to Life Coaching and Skill Development:

As a life-coach, she has a very different approach towards coaching. Her primary approach is asking the right questions to the clients to help them find their own challenges and problems. She believes that everyone is capable of finding the solutions to their problems, but they need the right guidance and confidence to identify and implement the solution from the multitude of options that are available to them. In such situation, she works as an accountability partner with the clients, helping them find the right solutions.

Important skills for students and young professionals:

While there are many skills that are important for a person in their journey from being a student to a working professional, the skill that holds the key to success is Leadership. Right from the childhood days, one must ‘Be Responsible’ and ‘Take Ownership’ of one’s life. One must start behaving as a leader and exhibit leadership skills right from the school days. Once imbibed, the leadership skill will play an important role in the corporate life of a professional.

Life’s Success Mantra:

Ms Mahajan follows many different life mantras for success. However, she feels that the one that is most relevant in today’s times is

“I want to see what happens, if I don’t give up”

This mantra suggests that if one has clarity about their goal and where they want to reach, they would never give up on it and keep on trying to achieve the goal relentlessly. And, eventually they will achieve their life goal, irrespective of the challenges that come along the way.

About the Expert:

Ms Piyush Mahajan is a certified life coach and soft skills facilitator. She has over 11 years of experience in the GeoSpatial industry where she worked as a senior data specialist. Having found her life’s calling, she gave up a promising career as a Data Specialist and decided to become a life skills coach.

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