Love Facebook and Twitter? Then these 8 Jobs are perfectly tailored for you!

Love spending hours on Facebook and Twitter? Then these 8 Jobs can help you transform your love for social media into a great job with five-figure salary.

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8 Social Media Jobs in which you can earnfive-figuresalary
8 Social Media Jobs in which you can earnfive-figuresalary

If you love spending hours scrolling down your Facebook or Twitter feed? We have some amazing news for you! You can easily transform this social media obsession in a legitimate job opportunity that pays you a salary of five figures. Yes, you read that right!Today’s Social media is run by youngsters, who have the creativity, right mindset and zeal to transform the latest happenings of the day into trends that rule the internet every day.

Here are 8 social media jobs that are tailored for folks who love social media and have the knack to create and curate interesting content that can impress the audiences.

1. Marketing Manager

Marketing Manager is not really a job profile that is merely limited to social media, but thanks to the immense popularity of social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter, it has become one of the primary marketing channels for top businesses. In fact, today businesses have a separate marketing strategy for social media and dedicated marketing managers who look after marketing efforts on these platforms. Generally, social media marketing officers design and look after the effective implementation of social media strategy for their businesses.

Salary Potential: Rs 35000 is the average salary you can expect as a marketing manager in social world.

2. Social Media Analyst

More often than not, your social media feed, be it on Facebook or Twitter, looks quite chaotic. The job of social media analyst is to make sense out of this chaos to help businesses derive an effective marketing strategy for social platforms. Social media analysts just like SEO (Search Engine Optimization) professionals are able to understand what kind of content their audiences consume and also identify the reasons for the same.

Salary Potential: The average starting salary for Social Media Analysts range anywhere from Rs 16000 to Rs 22000.

3. Social Media Planner

The insights provided by the Social Media Analysts go to the Social Media Planners, who understand what actually works and what is liked by their audiences and they plan their strategy accordingly. Social Media Planners are the folks who actually decide and design the content that you see on your Facebook NewsFeed and Twitter Feed. Advertising their products and services on social media is their prime responsibility and they need to do it in a way that it doesn’t seem like an advertisement to the audiences.

Salary Potential: Social Media Planners can expect Rs 30000 as average salary.

4. Social Media Manager

Just like marketing managers, Social Media Manager is the person who looks after the overall business strategy of an organization as far as their presence on social media is concerned. In majority of the cases, the profile of Social Media Manager is a team lead profile, wherein you would be provided a team of social media warriors to plan and execute effective social media campaigns online. One of the key responsibilities of a Social Media Manger would include building the brand presence of the business on different social media platforms.

Salary Potential: Being a team leader position, Social Media Managers can expect an average salary of Rs 30000 to 35000.

5. Social Media Specialist

If you love data and numbers while also being social media savvy individual, then you are an ideal candidate to be Social Media Specialist. While not many companies offer this special position as far as their social media team is concerned, but many have started hiring consultants who have in-depth knowledge of the social media trends and their working. Basically, Social Media Specialists are able to predict the future trends while also guiding businesses and brands to design their social media marketing campaigns effectively. These specialists have a knack to find loop-holes and plug them to derive the maximum Return on Investment on social marketing campaigns.

Salary Potential: Although Social Media Specialist jobs are far and few, they offer excellent earning potential starting from Rs 25000 to Rs 40000.

6. Social Media Coordinator

Social Media Coordinator is a job profile that acts as a bridge between the brand and the audiences. They are people who are responsible for managing the brand identity of the business by being the face of the brand on social media platforms. These folks are the people who address the queries and grievances that customers have with the products, services or content that is being posted on Facebook, Twitter or any other social media platform. They also moderate the comments and make sure that they reflect the true vision of the business in the social world.

Salary Potential: Being the face of the business in the social world is a big responsibility and it also attracts a hefty price tag of Rs 30000 to 32000.

7. Graphic Designer

The creative Infographics that you see on Pinterest or the interesting quotes that you share on Facebook; all these are created by very talented Graphic Designers. These designers have very limited space to work with in which they have to design a visually appealing creative which carries the message of the brand across to the audiences. It may seem like an easy thing to do, but the challenge of balancing the visual and text content in a 4 x4 sheet is real. If you like such challenges, do take up the job of a social media graphic designer.

Salary Potential: The average salary for Social Media Graphic Designers is Rs 26000.

8. Copy Writer

Social Media is one platform that works on quality content and therefore it doesn’t come across as a surprise that Copy Writers would be very important job profile for social media team. Social media copy writers unlike the usual ones have to understand the language, tone and style of content that works on social media platforms. They also have to tailor their content keeping in mind their target audience and their age ground. Basically, copy writers are the artists who paint a picture with words and create engaging content that builds positive brand identity for the business in the social world.

Salary Potential: Copy Writers who are specially hired to create content targeted at social media are paid much better compared to their counter-parts in general content writing. You can easily earn Rs 20000 to Rs 25000.

Social Media is a rapidly expanding world with immense job opportunities with real potential for career growth. By choosing any of the aforementioned job profiles as your career path you can script a winning success story for your future.

If you think, we have missed out on any important social media job profile, feel free to point it out in the comments section below. You can also subscribe to our Career section newsletter to get more interesting articles and updates.

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