MBA Group Discussion: Experts suggest strategy, tips to crack GD Round in MBA Interviews

Here are some expert tips from our counsellor Mr. Alok Bansal who will highlight the types of GD, how to prepare for the GD and crack it in the first go. Find out practical tips to enter the Group Discussion like a leader and ace it to make it to the next rounds of selection

MBA Group Discussions are an important part of the B-school selection process. Therefore, for candidates to appear in the Personal Interview,  a good performance in the Group Discussion (GD) is important. In this article, our expert, Mr. Alok Bansal, will provide some crucial insights about the MBA Group Discussion round that is conducted by various B-schools and how as an aspirant you can crack the GD round like a pro. Find out from him the types of GD, how to prepare for the GD and crack it in the first go.

Here are some practical tips to enter the Group Discussion like a leader and ace it to make it to the next rounds of selection:

All about MBA Group Discussion

Lot of MBA aspirants ask these questions "What should I do when I go for group discussion?; How should I prepare for that?" The answer to all these queries likes in the concept of Group Discussion itself. A Group Discussion is nothing but the simulation of real life meeting. For every B-school that conducts GD as a part of selection process, the central idea is to analyse candidate's knowledge in a simulated atmosphere. Basis this, the panel at the B-school judge the analytical and thinking skills of the aspirants participating in the GD. Apart from this, participants are ranked on the following parameters:

  1. Communication Skills
  2. Ability to contribute to the ideas
  3. Ability to discuss/debate
  4. Listening skills
  5. Timeliness among other skills

Types of Group Discussion (GDs)

Before you participate in a GD, understand that there are several types of GDs that are generally given as a topic for discussion. Broadly speaking there are four kinds topics that are prevalent for conducting MBA group discussions namely:

  • Factual GD topics
  • Controversial GD topics
  • Case Studies
  • Abstract GD topics

You can visit and other websites to find out more about these topics. However, the key is to practice them in order to perform well in the GD.

Let's take for an example that you get 'Black' as a topic for discussion. Now considering that it is an abstract topic, you can talk about the background of this colour, what does Black colour signifies to you, why this color is important for some cultures and so on and so forth. The idea is that you break open the topic and keep the discussion centered in this topic only. Do not deviate from the topic to discuss some other issue. 

How to participate in MBA Group Discussion?

The first and foremost aspect of GD that needs to be understood is that "GD is not a debate". You need not take sides for or against the topic being assigned for discussion. As the name suggests, it is simply a discussion where participants have different opinion that your discuss in a meeting kind of a setting.

Follow a thumb rule wherein there is a group, there is an agenda and you have to arrive at a conclusion. Therefore, consider GD as an agenda being allotted and with various points in hand, try to reach consensus when you conclude the topic. Keep in mind that the one who generally initiates the topic is also analysed on his/her leadership qualities. 

MBA Group Discussion - Preparation Tips

There goes a popular saying that "Practice makes a man perfect". When it is applied on the GD, the saying fits perfectly because without thorough practice, you will not be able to speak fluently and would neither be able to put forward good content. Try to join a group of 4-5 people that gives you the opportunity to practice for the GD on daily basis. Group Discussion is basically a test of your listening ability and communication skills. The panelists would judge you basis "Can you put forth or throw you point and are people willing to listen to you?" Prepare yourself for a group discussion because this will set a stage for your corporate meeting that will happen post your academics are over.

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