MBA in International Business vs. MBA in Marketing: Detailed Comparison

For a better career prospects ‘decide and choose’ which MBA degree is better for you: MBA in International Business or MBA in Marketing. Jagranjosh brings for you an easy comparative guide to shortlist an MBA major which perfectly suits your interest.

MBA in International Business vs. MBA in Marketing: Detailed Comparison
MBA in International Business vs. MBA in Marketing: Detailed Comparison

It has become a ritual every morning when Raman comes to my office to discuss his personal issues. This morning, the topic for his discussion was his son “Rohan”. He and Rohan, both were in a quandary regarding which career prospects would suit him after completing his graduation. Raman was in a catch as to which MBA specialization his son Rohan should opt for, MBA in International Business or MBA in Marketing. Well, this seemed to be a tough decide regarding which domain should one leave and which one should he pursue. Anyways, like always I was the torch bearer to ward off the evil of doubts hovering over him, concerning his son.

An MBA is a much sought after and coveted degree dreamt by almost all the graduates who want to upgrade their skills to reach their career goals and climb the corporate ladder. Apart from general MBA, students can specialize in various fields like marketing, finance, accounting, supply chain management, international business etc. But students like Raman, who are not able to decide whether to go for an MBA in International Business or MBA in Marketing face utter dilemma. Each MBA specialization has its own advantages and utilities in business world.

So before you jump into the fray, you need to ask yourself some questions:

1.  Do you have the aptitude to crack this MBA Entrance Exam with good percentile?

2. What are those subjects in which you have scored really very well and those in which you need some improvement (both at academic level and graduation level)?

3. Have you got good writing and oratory skills? As you need to be well versed in both mediums of communication of English?

4. Some B-schools give extra weightage to Work Experience. What is your Work Experience and how will it help you in your MBA?

5. Salary is the most important criterion while choosing an MBA. Once placed in a reputed company, in how many years will you be able to pay back your MBA course fee and other expenses incurred during your MBA? To put in a nutshell, what will be your Return on Investment (ROI)?

6. How will you calibrate your area of interest while equating it with your choice of MBA?

You can also use this informative diagram to note down the answers to these questions. Then you need to concentrate on this chart and analyses which specialization holds a promising career for you.

Once you attain a clear insight, you find yourself in a good position to assess which specialization is worthy enough for your time, money, and efforts.

With the help of information provided in this article, we will provide you a blue print of distinctions between both the specializations. It is very imperative to have a crystal clear

knowledge of the differences as far as your career in these two domains is concerned.

You need to be very careful in your decision making process because once you choose one course, then your decision would be irrevocable. Your right decision will take you miles ahead of others and wrong decision will land you in a soup.

These minute yet substantive differences will assist you in taking right decision whether to opt for MBA in International Business or MBA in Marketing as you will be aware about the key differences.




International Business





Technical Skill Set


Love for foreign language

International legal skills for business

Global Finance Skills

Keen interest in knowing different cultures

Knowledge of Marketing Strategy

Ability to conduct SWOT analysis

Aggressive approach to sell/ persuade

Comprehensive understanding of target





Personal Skill Set

Analytical Skills

Well versed in different foreign languages

Meticulous Researcher

Risk Taking Ability

Awareness about the World Economy

Creative Ideas

Out-of-the-box Thinking

Exceptional Communication Skills (Soft Skills)

Critical Thinking
Result/Target Oriented

Power to persuade

Knowledge of marketing strategies






Cross cultural management

Global procurement and supply management

International Business Law

International Business Markets

International Marketing

International Banking and Capital Markets

Marketing Research

Consumer Behaviour

Brand Management

Customer Relationship Management

International Marketing

Digital Marketing

Retail Management


Financial Incentives

Initial Salary Rs. 500,000/- to Rs. 1200,000/- Depending upon the ranking and reputation of B-School

Initial Salary Rs. 300,000/-






Career Path

Multinational Manager

International Trade and Custom Manager

International Foreign Policy Advisor

Financial Controller

International Marketing Director

Business Development Director


Sales Associate

Customer Relationship Executive

Market Research Analyst

Media Planner

Brand Manager

Product Manager

Corporate Sales Head

Regional Manager

Digital Marketing Head

General Manager



Scope of Job

Multinational Banks

International Corporations

Manufacturing Companies
Aviation Companies
Shipping Companies

Import-Export Firms


Retail Industry

Consultant Firms

Hospitality Industry

Advertising Industry

Digital Marketing






Nature of Job

Risk Oriented

Involves International Business Dynamics

Revolves around Foreign Policy of Nations

Management Operations

Foreign Policy Advising

Negotiating International Business Deals


Innovation in Running Campaigns

Positive Outlook

Content Oriented

Profit Oriented

Enthusiasm and Zeal in Selling





Top Professional to Follow

1. Indra Nooyi (Pepsico CEO)

2. Ajaypal SinghBanga (Master Card CEO)

3. Richard Branson (CEO Virgin Group)

4. Bill Gates (Founder Microsoft Corporation)

5. Anshul Jain (Formerly Co-CEO of Deutsche Bank from 2012 untill 2015)

1. Tim Cook (Apple CEO)

2. Kumar Mangalam Birla (Chairman of Aditya Birla Group)

3. Adi Godrej (Chairman of Godrej Group)

4. Anand Mahindra (Managing Director and Chairman of Mahindra & Mahindra)

5. Kiran Mazumdar Shaw (MD & Chairman of Biocon Ltd)

Cyrus Mistry (Chairman of TATA Group)

6. Vishal Sikka (CEO Infosys Group)

Growth Structure

Salary is one of the most significant factor which acts as a precursor while selecting a particular specialization as student often takes into account the ROI of this coveted degree.

MBA in Marketing -­ As per the survey report conducted by the HRD Ministry, around 60% of candidates get enrolled for the MBA programs after gaining prior experience of 2 – 3 years. The skills, qualification and the working experience will assess the pay packages for these MBA Graduates. For freshers, it would be the skills and qualification that decide their remuneration packages.

Median Mid-Career Pay (MBA -Marketing)

Rs. 18, 40500/-


Different Job Profiles after MBA in Marketing

Salary (Per Annum)


Marketing Director

Rs. 18,40500/-


Business Development Manager

Rs. 12,70885/-


Marketing Manager

Rs. 10,05000/-


MBA in International Business - ­ In International Business Management, when compared with other fields, your salary depends upon the location of Job. If you are working in the United States, the fat pay packages are normally found in larger cities where international corporations are based in New York City and California. You can switch to another city in order to work in the global business field. Some U.S.­ based companies many times hire workers to send them in various foreign cities in order to fill international positions in various cities around the globe. Your salary will depend on the city you will be working in. If you are well versed in various foreign languages then it will be an icing on the cake for your career. As the company would not mind in paying you extra bucks as they will not have to pay a translator to work with you.

Median Mid-Career Pay (MBA -IB)

Rs. 19,50000/-


Different Job Profiles after MBA -IB


Salary (Per Annum)

Sales Director

Rs. 19,00000/-


Operations Director

Rs. 16,78000/-


Project Manager

Rs. 12,40500/-



MBA in Marketing is for those students who have good communication skills and an aptitude to read and analyse the market trends, competitors and products. If you intend to pursue general management careers, then MBA in Marketing is the major for you. Students who feel that they can walk the walk and talk the talk with international clients then MBA in Marketing is the ideal career option to go for. MBA in Marketing equips you with the significant strategies in sequestering market segments of potential customers and producing marketing strategies as per their taste and preference. If you move further to market products online then there is Interactive marketing that helps in creating marketing software programs. After the successful completion of the course in MBA in Marketing students can apply in various MNCs including Marketing and Advertising companies.

Whereas an MBA in International Business brings in exciting career opportunities as it concentrates on management operations, international management tactics and world economics. Technological Advancements and the ease of mapping the world in few hours have given birth to business opportunities for industries around the globe. With the ease of doing business in foreign trade practices, globalization and favorable government policies lot of businesses are becoming global, and hence an MBA in International Business can be a smarter move to boost your career prospects.

Lastly, everything filters down to your interest and aptitude. We have shown you the clear contrast between MBA in International Business and MBA in Marketing. Now you are just required to do a bit of research on your Capacity and Career Objectives.

We hope that our Comparative Analysis between the two majors will help you in taking a sound decision that can boost your career prospects.

If you think that we have missed on any aspect then kindly post your comments below and help us discuss more!! Share this article among those who are in a state of

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