Most Important topics for IAS Interview 2019

The Union Public Service Commission notifies the IAS Interview as the personality test in the Civil Services Exam notification. Lets us see the most important topics for IAS Interview

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Most Important Topics for IAS Interview
Most Important Topics for IAS Interview

The Union Public Service Commission notifies the IAS Interview as the personality test in the Civil Services Exam notification. The IAS Interview is the common term popular among the IAS aspirants but it is conducted as the personality test by the UPSC Interview Board because it is anticipated that one psychologist is also present at the Interview board who take note of the body language, gestures and the expressions of the candidates appearing in the IAS Interview.

The board members are appointed by the UPSC on a temporary basis and are solely working under the chairperson of the interview board. The Chairperson of each board is invariably the member of the UPSC.The IAS Interview is the most important part of the IAS Exam process because only 2.5 times candidates are called for the IAS interview.

Tips for IAS Interview

The IAS Interview has no fixed syllabus, but we can extend the syllabus of the IAS Main Exam for the IAS Interview. IAS Interview requires a quick and correct answer which can sustain the secondary and tertiary questions. So the candidates are required to prepare the topics for IAS Interview keeping in mind the primary and secondary questions related to that topic.

The IAS Interview is a 30 - 45 minute event in which the candidates are required to prove that he or she is a good, honest and ethical person with the deep understanding of the Indian Constitution, fabric of Indian Society, Laws and other socio-economic issues and their pragmatic solutions which can be justified by the candidate at the time of interview.

Newspaper of the day is a very important source of the IAS Interview questions because it can establish that the candidates is genuinely interested in the national affairs and is aware of the current developments.

The first 5 minutes are the confidence building time and UPSC Interview board ask very easy question so that the candidate becomes comfortable and ready for the subsequent questions. Easy questions can be “what are your qualifications, where is your hometown, what are you doing right now and the likes”.

The other important questions come straight from the Detailed application form (DAF). The information given in the DAF is very important for the IAS Interview as the UPSC Interview board ask about the background, historical significance, history of the monuments present in the hometown and various other related questions. Some time the board members ask very minute questions such as you have studied in ----- Montessori School. What is Montessori? Or You belong to Lucknow, from where does the name of the city came from and various such questions.

Tricky Questions asked in IAS Interview

The above questions are totally based on the information furnished in the DAF. However, there are several questions which are asked to know about the problem solving capabilities of the candidates, understanding of the Indian Legislature and Indian Legal System,  insights related to the fabric of Indian Society, issues in Indian Economic Development and the likes.

Here, we are summarising some very important IAS Interview topics which need to be prepared in order to get the best marks in the IAS Interiew.

Indian Polity

The Relevance of Reservation for Economically Weaker Section of General Category
Amendment in the Indian Citizenship Act
Do we need to redefine the Anti Defection laws?
How can the reservation policy be supplemented?
How sharing the Adhaar number is against to the Right to privacy
How pending cases have impediments on Indian Economy?
What can be a pragmatic solution to Kashmir problem?
Give three examples where regional interest and national interest are contradictory.
Federal Structure needs changes in India?

Socio-Economic Issues

New changes in the FDI Rules in India
The impact of Demonetisation on Indian Economy
Universal Health Insurance is necessity in India
Does the loan waiver promises made to gain the political mileage justified?
Agricultural reforms are needed for better growth in Agriculture. Name any 5.

Important Government Schemes

National Security

Water Security is a National Security Issue
How  “Soft Power” is a power?
How String of Pearls can change the Indian Economic Development?

Indian Legal System

Do you support the Collegium system of SC Judges appointment in India
Does India need Gram Nyayalayas?
How the Uniform Civil Code is justified in India, where diversity is fundamental?

Indian Society

The impact of new reservation on the Social Fabric of Indian Society
How ASER report is important and why it is important
How ASER report can be used to improve the education system in India
How reservation in the Jobs can be supplemented
Is there any necessity for the reservation in the promotion?
How the online penetration is bridging the gap between India and Bharat ?
Relevance of Kumbh

International Issues

What is Brexit and how it is important for India?
The US Tariff regime has the implications on Indian Export. What are those implications?

Environmental Issues

How CoP 24 is important?
What is the stand of Indian in Paris Agreement?
What can be the alternative to Plastic in India?
How e-waste management is important and do we have rules related to it ?
What can be the best plan to tackle the water pollution in India?
New Coastal Regulations 2018
How can we control the air pollution?

Science and Technology

3d printing technology has the potential to change the world?
Is the Manned Mission to Space justified?
How mobile have changed the Human behaviour and Indian Culture ?

We suggest you to prepare these topics in detail so that you can answer the subsidiary questions on each of them.

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