NCERT Solutions for Class 8 English - Honeydew Textbook- Chapter 4: Bepin Choudhury’s Lapse of Memory

Students of Class 8 can check NCERT solutions for English Subject Honeydew Textbook -Chapter 4: Bepin Choudhury’s Lapse of Memory

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NCERT Solutions for Class 8 English - Honeydew Textbook- Chapter 4
NCERT Solutions for Class 8 English - Honeydew Textbook- Chapter 4

Check Class 8 NCERT Solutions for English Subject. In this article, we have provided NCERT Solutions for Chapter 4 from the English Honeydew Textbook. Chapter 4 is a story of Bepin Babu who has a habit of forgetting events. The NCERT solutions of this chapter have been provided after a detailed analysis of the latest syllabus issued by CBSE. Students of Class 8th can study the answers provided here to score well in their school exams.


  1. Why did the man stare at Bepin Babu’s is disbelief?
  2. Where did Bepin Babu say he went in October’ 58?
  3. Mention any three (or more) things that Parimal Ghose knew about Bepin Babu.


  1. The man, Parimal Ghose, was dismayed when he was not recognized by Bepin. He hadn't believed Bepin had a memory lapse.
  2. Bepin Babu has said he was in Kanpur in October 58.
  3. Parimal Ghose knew the wife of Bepin Babu was dead, and his only brother had died in a lunatic asylum from Ranchi the same year. He also knew Bepin Babu didn't have children and was a book lover.
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  1. Why did Bepin Babu worry about what Parimal Ghose had said?
  2. How did he try to decide who was right— his memory or Parimal Ghose?
  3. Why did Bepin Babu hesitate to visit Mr. Mukerji? Why did he finally decide to phone him?
  4. What did Mr. Mukerji say? Did it comfort Bepin Babu, or add to his worries?


  1. Bepin Babu was taken aback by hearing Parimal Ghose's intimate details about his life. There was no reason why he should say a lie there. He Bepin Babu hesitated to visit Mr. Mukerji thinking that if he had actually visited Ranchi it would be ridiculous. Mukerji would have thought that Bepin Babu has gone mad. Thus, Bepin babu decided to phone him at last.
  2. Mukerji did not clearly respond. But he said he had twice been to Ranchi. He was not sure what the trip was about. Bepin Babu needed to know wondered if he had actually forgotten about his Ranchi visit.
  3. Bepin Babu agreed to contact Dinesh Mukerji in order to overcome the mystery about his visit to Ranchi. Parimal had said at the time that Mukerji also was in Ranchi
  4. exactly what. Bepin Babu became more puzzled. He is losing his appetite.


  1. Who was Chunilal? What did he want from Bepin Babu?
  2. Why was Dr. Chanda puzzled? What was unusual about Bepin Babu’s loss of memory?


  1. Chunilal had been Bepin Babu's, old mate. In his job he wanted Bepin Babu 's favour.
  2. Paresh Chanda was a teen doctor. He 'd never dealt with a memory loss case. So he was confused. He gave Bepin Babu a suggestion to visit Ranchi once more.


  1. Had Bepin Babu really lost his memory and forgotten all about a trip to Ranchi?
  2. Why do you think Chunilal did what he did? Chunilal says he has no money; what is it that he does have?


  1. Maybe not. He finally recalled his memory and admitted to having visited him. Ranchi dating from 1958.
  2. Chunilal was wanting some money from his old friend Bepin Babu. And he went in for support with him. He assured Bepin that his fortune would return to its term. Chunilal didn't have any money but he had wit and mind.

Ques: The author describes Bepin Babu as a serious and hardworking man. What evi­dence can you find in the story to support this?

Answer: Bepin Babu was a poor, honest fellow and a hard worker. He went to the daily workplace. He 'd done a responsible job. He wasn't such a good mixer. He was not waste time in idle chat, being serious-minded.

Ques: Why did Bepin Babu change his mind about meeting Chunilal? What was the result of this meeting?

Answer: Bepin Babu refused the first meeting with Chunilal. He was in no mood to help Chunilal get out of his distress. But, eventually, he changed his mind. He thought about something Chunilal would recall about his 1958 trip to Ranchi.

Ques: Bepin Babu lost consciousness at Hundroo Falls. What do you think was the reason for this?

Answer: Bepin Babu might have slipped near Hundroo Falls that made him unconscious.

Ques: How do you think Bepin Babu reacted when he found out that Chunilal had tricked him?

Answer: The first reaction from Bepin Babu was that he regretted refusing to help Chunilal. He saw for testing him through Chunilal 's trick and learned a lesson.

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