Online MBA vs Regular MBA: Which one is better?

Online MBA or Regular MBA? Which one is better? Find out the best mode of pursuing MBA that will help you fetch good MBA placement and bright career!

Online MBA vs Regular MBA: Which is Better
Online MBA vs Regular MBA: Which is Better

If someone says that he is an MBA, how does it sound?

It sounds great, isn't?

But can you figure out if he has done his online MBA program or Regular MBA program.

Not really!!

So how does it matter, unless and until that person's MBA degree matches with his job profile?

Only that person can tell you if he is contented with his degree.

People who have enrolled themselves with Regular MBA program usually boast of their b-school as a good b-school has got brand name that anyone would like to flaunt. But it has become a passé and the Online MBA program is equally good if done from a reputed business institution. Also Employers are taking the cognizance of the fact that Online MBA can also deliver good MBA graduates that can give new dimensions to their business.

Today, an online MBA is a good option for those who cannot attend full-time on-campus classes.

Both programs can be chosen depending on the requirements, preferences and circumstances.

If you are running short of time, having your job and family to take care of and want to scale your career ladder within your existing profession then ONLINE MBA is a good alternative for your career.

But if, you are having time and age in your hand and want to switch from one career field to some other field, then Regular MBA will be a judicious decision for you. So choosing one program over another is purely a matter of suitability. But you will agree with the fact that a majority of persons would love to do regular MBA given their circumstances and aptitude allows them. But Online MBA is also gaining popularity day by day with the professionals and employers and is a good option for individuals where it is very difficult for them to take out some time for regular MBA.

Before you take a leap and decide to pursue Online Program or Regular MBA program you should have answers to the following questions:

Online MBA Program

Question 1: What are your career goals?

If your seat is jammed and want to accelerate in your existing career without compromising on your job, family then consider reaching out and discovering whether your current employer rates Regular and Online MBA equally.

Question 2: Does it meet your needs and Demands?

You need to ensure that your Online MBA is providing you same set of faculty, curriculum and opportunities that any good Regular one will provide you. If it is not so, then you need to rethink over your decision.

Question 3: Is it suitable for you in terms of the efforts required (visiting campus)?

Some Online MBA programs are out of state or out of country so you need to factor in vacation time or travel time for attending on-campus classes.

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Regular MBA program

Similarly, ask the above questions to yourself when you are considering pursuing a Regular MBA program.

Question 1: What are your career goals?

Looking for a change and want to reinvent yourself with some other career field and have luxury of time and age with you then Regular MBA can be your cup of tea.

Question 2: Do you have the aptitude to crack the MBA Entrance Exam with good percentile?

Question 3: What are those subjects in which you have scored really very well and those which still haunt you?

Both at academic level and graduation level

Question 4: What is your Area of Interest which you can match with your choice of MBA?

Once you find yourself in a situation to answer all these questions confidently then you can call your shots. We are sure that with this calibrated approach you can easily take your decisions.

  1. So how should one compare key features of an MBA degree when they are related to a full-time on-campus program versus an online program?
  2. What are the advantages of completing your MBA from the cocoon of your home and from Regular MBA?
  3. How these programs will benefit you in your career? 

All these queries will be answered in this article so that you can make wise decision.

Benefits of pursuing Online MBA program vs. Regular MBA program

Online MBA program

  • Study from your home only: Without having to quit your job and compromising on your family needs, you have the luxury of continuing your education in the form of MBA as you can get the same education as any Regular MBA graduate.
  • Flexibility: With the Online MBA program you have the flexibility to mould your career needs without relocating for your work or personal reasons.
  • Applicability: Well! if you are doing your Online MBA then you can apply whatever concepts you have learned a night before in your operations the very next day. This is the biggest advantage of doing an Online MBA.
  • Resources: With the top online MBA programs, you will gain access to to the same resources which subsumes career counseling, mentorship, and networking opportunities. You will also learn how to move steadily  in the fast-paced digital world.
  • Affordability: At any given point of time, An Online MBA program is more affordable than any Regular MBA program.

Regular MBA program

  • Career change: A Regular MBA provides you the necessary cushion if you are thinking of switching your career. An MBA with a particular specialization makes it convenient for you to move across industries.
  • Networking: The social networking that you develop during your academic sessions of Regular MBA will help you in improving your career position in the longer run.
  • Entrepreneurship: If you are thinking of starting your own work or business then you can gain required skills and practical knowledge through Regular MBA as it provides you with the hands-on training for dealing with real work business problems.
  • Competitive Advantage: A Regular MBA program instil leadership qualities and specialized skills required to excel in your career and gives you competitive advantage over others.

Springboard for your career: A Regular MBA program helps you in advancing your career ladder with hefty pay packages and dignified positions. A recent survey reveals that highly performing successful MBAs are more likely to reach top management positions of Fortune 500 companies.

Let's take a Comparative Analysis of both MBAs with the help of a table.


Regular MBA

Online MBA

Work Load


Regular MBA students have full-day rigorous schedule which makes it hard for the students to do a job outside the program.

Online MBA students have the flexibility of adjusting their schedules.




While doing their core business-basics classes, MBA Students can specialize in areas like Entrepreneurship, Marketing, Finance and they can easily choose when to take a class.

Core Classes + Specialization

Online MBA Curriculum is more or less same as of Regular MBA, if pursued from good B-school.

Cost difference

Depending on the reputation of the b-school the cost of doing a Regular MBA is somewhere around 15-20 lacs.

Cost of doing an online MBA ranges between INR 50,000 to INR 100,000.




You can take classes at whichever school you get into

Your location depends on your choice, it could be your home, office or even while traveling you can attend your classes online.




If you are looking for more intensive student experience then you should apply for regular MBA. There are plenty of extracurricular opportunities like fests, groups, communities, student exchange programs etc. in Regular program


Usually Working professionals choose Online MBA course and they can apply whatever they learn in their classroom at their workplace. Lifestyle is all about balancing your studies with your office operations.

Focus of study


When it comes to focus of study, MBA program is more concentrated on areas of business like Marketing and Finance

Online MBA provides an opportunity to business professionals to focus their MBA studies on a particular aspect of business to prepare them for advancement within a specific career.

Acceptance rates and requirements


There is no such requirement like work experience to do regular MBA program and it is a bit easy to enter as there are plenty of b-schools that offer seats for regular MBA program

Of late Online MBA programs are getting their due recognition both from good b-schools as well as from employers of big corporations.

Student Profile

Usually students from diverse fields like commerce, science, humanities etc. in the age group of 22- 25 yr olds opt for Regular. They are mostly fresher with 0-1 yr of experience.


Online MBA program allows student to perform on a platform where there is no need to leave their job. As a result, global professionals living and working around the world are able to enroll in a sound online MBA program.


2 years (Fixed)


Depending on the course requirement, the duration may stretch from 13 months to 2 years.


Regular and online MBAs have their own merits and demerits. You need to compare them based on your own circumstances and requirements and then choose the one that is right for you.

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Hope our article will help you in showing the right direction.

We wish you Good luck for your MBA Journey!

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