Meaning: A state of extreme dishonor

Jun 29, 2016 13:03 IST
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Meaning: A state of extreme dishonor

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He expressed much opprobrium which was not expected by the other party!

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Her only qualm was to prevent her daughter from the bad company of friends.

Pronunciation: uh-proh-bree-uh m

Usage/Example: 1. Social opprobrium is fairly effective at shaming bigots into curtailing or even, in some cases, rethinking their opinions. (Source: Salon)

2. They deserve as much opprobrium as they get but more should be reserved for their now departed manager (Source: SuperSport)

3. I think Boris Johnson, in particular, deserves enormous opprobrium. (Source: Irish Times)

Synonyms and Antonyms: Opprobrium

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