Practice Paper for CBSE Class 12 Mathematics 2013 Set 2

Find CBSE Board 2013 Class XII Practice Paper. This CBSE Class 12 Mathematics Practice Paper 2013 set 2 will help you to score maximum marks in
CBSE class 12 Economics question paper 2013.

Feb 18, 2013 18:14 IST

CBSE Mathematics Practice Paper 2013 Set 2, given here.

28. A dealer deals in two items A and B he has Rs. 20,000 to invest and a space to store at the most 70 pieces. Item A costs him Rs. 600 and items B costs him Rs. 3000. He can sell items A and B at profits of Rs. 60 and Rs. 50 respectively. Assuming that he can sell all that he buys, formulate the above as la linear programming problem for maximum profit and solve it graphically.

29. In a bolt factory, machines A, B and C manufacture 35%, 25% and 40% of the total production respectively. Out of their total output, 4%, 5% and 2% are defective bolts. A bolt is drawn from the total production and is found to be defective. What is the probability that it is manufactured by the machine B?

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