Simple Ways to Relax after a hectic day at ‘Office’

Did you just have a hectic day at work? Try these easy ways to relax and see the difference in your productivity next day in the office.

Simple Ways to Relax after a hectic day at ‘Office’
Simple Ways to Relax after a hectic day at ‘Office’

There goes a famous quote which says that “home is not a place, it’s a feeling”. When you call it a day at work and are ready to pack your briefcase to leave for home, you would want to relax. While returning home you often succumb to lethargy and the time and energy invested in travelling debilitates you further.

So, here are some tips that you must try after returning home to make your evening more relaxing. After all it is important to prepare for a fresh new day at work and regain all the lost energy. Read these tips to let your body feel positive vibration after the evening looms into night to doze off to a good night sleep!

Snuggle into your comfy clothes

After returning home from a long day at work, the first and foremost highly tried and tested best tip to relax is “changing into your most comfortable clothes”. When you get ready in the morning, you carry yourself in your best attire for the day to appear dapper. The clothes however comfortable, still do not offer you a cozy feel in the office place.

So make sure that after returning home, you feel homely in your loose t-shirt and baggy pants or pajamas/lowers. Once you snuggle into this attire, your body will automatically enter the calming zone. You will not feel restricted or encaged in showy clothes. We are sure that the choice of your comfy clothes will hush your mind and soul from the troubles at work.

Tea: Balm for the soul

Now that you have already dressed up in your most easy going clothes, it is time that you focus on satiating your hunger with healthy snacking options and take a warm cup of tea or coffee.

Tea has herbal impact to soothe your body and is a very good stress-buster. You can choose to sip any type of tea; from green tea to masala tea, the infusion will surely calm down your fatigued mind. And don’t be too focused on losing weight. If you feel famished during the high-tea, savour a couple of healthy grain cookies with tea and feel good!

Unwind to soothing Music

Another incredible way to relax is: listening to music. Music is a therapeutic way that has been used for hundreds of years to treat illnesses and restore harmony between mind and body.

Although everyone has a personal choice and preference in the genre that is liked by them, but soothing jazz music, soft instrumental or classical music is said to play a significant role in healing anxiety that you went throughout the day. Music is a sure-shot way to rejuvenate your mind, body and soul for the refreshing new day!

Reach home without Worries

While you must be recollecting the important event of the day that uplifted or worsened your mood, do not let the thoughts of workplace take the peace of your mind away!

When you constantly think about work, you do not let your brain get ready for the brand new day. It will always remain uncluttered with haphazard thoughts and you will feel hazy about your goals and priorities. Even while being at home you won’t be able to enjoy the family bliss and would end up worrying yourself about the things that are ‘yet to happen’.

In order to excel at the work front, develop a habit of positive thinking and do not carry your official work at home to lead a dual life. Make time for friends and loved ones, and see the magic that this practise will bring to your work by enhancing your productivity.

Take a Stroll in your nearby Park

A casual stroll in the park nearby your home will also work wonders. You will be able to flex your muscles; that is otherwise not possible in the desk job. Even if you do not wish to walk, by merely sitting in the natural settings and letting the cool breeze touch your face will make you feel refreshed.

You can even try and walk barefoot on mud in the park. This exercise is known as ‘earthing’ and is said to have remarkable health advantages, such as increasing antioxidants, reducing inflammation, and improving sleep.  This practise also helps to improve improves blood circulation in legs.         

Get Head Massage for positive thoughts

As per the ancient belief, head massage frees us from the energy channels of negative energy that are a root cause of various illnesses in our body. While being in the office for 9 hours, working on the desk all day, you might feel stiffness in your neck.

Science says that a head massage can de-stress you, and energy healers say it has the potential to restore imbalances in the body. Oil massage also provides instant gratification and relaxes after a long day at work. In one study, twice-weekly scalp massages were shown to lower stress hormones, heart rate and blood pressure. 

So, when the next time you feel stressed, do not hesitate to get a head massage and feel the difference in the energy levels when you reach your office the next day!

Reading is next to Godliness

For those who love to read, they must keep to this habbit for atleast half an hour a day! Reading is considered as a very good stress-buster. While reading, you will be able to distract your mind from the other regular chores of life that might be the cause of worrisome behaviour. Reading will provide you another prospective of living life with a calm and composed mind.

Often, we are so much lost into reality that we gradually become rigid towards the thoughts and beliefs of others. On the flip side, if you read a lot, you will keep yourself open to several ideas and will learn to accept and understand differing ideologies of numerous people. This attitude will help you harness a positive professional attitude to work with your peers and bosses.

Get a Sound Sleep

The most important way to conclude your day and mark a beginning to a beautiful day is to get a ‘good night sound sleep’. Before you get ready for another day that drains your energy, it is important to recharge or restore energy that will be required to work.

If you do not listen to your body clock to get sufficient sleep, you might suffer from weak immunity and get dark circles under your eyes. The America Insomnia Survey, published a reported in the journal SLEEP that says that insomnia is associated with substantial workplace costs. Employees even tend to lose jobs due to sleep disorders. Hence, a quality sleep is another solution to relax and prepare for an optimistic day.

Do not underestimate the power of these ways. They will surely boost your productivity at work and will keep you buoyant too. To lead a happy life, all you need to do is:




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