Solved Common Admission Test (CAT) 2000 Question Paper

Practice with the fully solved Common Admission test (CAT) 2000 question paper available here. It has 165 questions in total equally divided in three sections namely Quantitative Aptitude & Reasoning, Verbal Ability and Data Interpretation.

Aug 31, 2016 10:16 IST
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Common Admission test is conducted by IIMs every year and over 3 lakhs aspirants sit for it. It is the most sought after entrance examination for MBA Admissions. Find here the Solved CAT 2000 Paper.

As per the pattern followed previously, CAT conducted in 2000 had 3 sections namely Data Interpretation & Reasoning, Quantitative Aptitude and Verbal Ability. There were 165 questions in this paper.

You can practice these questions as well which will help you improvise your skills pertaining to the latest CAT Exam Pattern. Few questions have been provided below. In order to practice the complete paper, follow the link provided at the end of these questions and test your aptitude for the upcoming CAT.

Practice Common Admission Test (CAT) 2000 Question Paper

Directions for question 46 to 50:

In each of the following sentences, parts of the sentence are left blank. Beneath each sentence, four different ways of completing the sentence are indicated. Choose the best alternative from among the four.

46. Though one eye is kept firmly on the ......., the company now also promotes .........contemporary art.

1) present, experimental
2) future, popular
3) present, popular
4) market, popular

Answer: 2

MBA Verbal Ability Study Material

47. The law prohibits a person from felling a sandalwood tree, even if it grows on one's own land, without prior permission from the government. As poor people cannot deal with the government, this legal provision leads to a rip-roaring business for ...... who care neither for the ........ nor for the trees.

1) middlemen, rich
2) the government, poor
3) touts, rich
4) touts, poor

Answer: 4

48. It will take some time for many South Koreans to ............ the conflicting images of North Korea, let alone to ........... what to make of their northern cousins.

1) reconcile, decide
2) understand, clarify
3) make out, decide
4) reconcile, understand

Answer: 1

Vocabulary Words for CAT

49. In these bleak and depressing times of.........prices, non-performing governments and ........ crime rates, Sourav Ganguly has given us, Indians, a lot to cheer about.

1) escalating, increasing
2) spiralling, booming
3) spiralling, soaring
4) ascending, debilitating

Answer: 3

50. The manners and .......... of the nouveau riche is a recurrent ......... in the literature.

1) style, motif
2) morals, story
3) wealth, theme.
4) morals, theme

Answer: 4

Click Here, To See the Complete Question Paper

We hope that the Solved Common Admission Test (CAT) 2000 Question Paper enabled you to understand the pattern and quality of questions which are provided in the exam to test the aptitude of CAT Exam takers. 

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