The Solid State -CBSE Class 12th NCERT Solution

Get, detailed solutions to the questions of the chapter The Solid State from NCERT textbooks

Get, detailed solutions to the questions of the chapter The Solid State from NCERT textbooks. The objective is to helping students regarding the pattern of answering the question as per the cbse latest marking provided you NCERT solutions for classes 12th math and science subjects.

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Q. Define the term amorphous. Give a few examples of amorphous solids.

Answer. Amorphous solids exhibits following properties: -

  • Their constituent particles are of irregular shapes and have short range order.
  • They are isotropic in nature and melt over a range of temperature. Because of which they are also known as pseudo solids or super cooled liquids.
  • When cut with a sharp-edged tool, they cut into two pieces with irregular surfaces.
  • They do not have definite heat of fusion.
  • Examples - glass, rubber, plastic etc.

Q. What makes a glass different from a solid such as quartz? Under what conditions quartz could be converted into glass?

Answer. The arrangement of the constituent particles is different in glass & quartz. In glass, the constituent particles have short range order whereas in quartz, the constituent particles have both long range as well as short range orders. We can convert Quartz into glass by heating and then cooling it rapidly.


I. What is meant by the term 'coordination number'?

II. What is the coordination number of atoms:

a) In a cubic close-packed structure?

b) In a body-centred cubic structure?


I. Coordination number: - it is the total number of surrounding atoms of any constituent particle present in the crystal lattice.

II. The coordination number of atoms

a) in a cubic close-packed structure is 12

b) in a body-centred cubic structure is 8

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