Top 5 things students must consider while starting with new academic session

In this article, students will learn tips on how to give a good start to the new academic session. These tips will help students gear up for the new challenges in new class and be efficient to perform amazingly in their academics.

Created On: Apr 19, 2019 10:20 IST
Things to do before joining new academic year
Things to do before joining new academic year

With the start of new academic session, students get loaded with many new responsibilities and challenges. However, after spending a few weeks away from the school and relaxing over holidays, it becomes a little difficult for them to get back to the tedious schedule again. Whether they spent the post exams vacation relaxing or working, preparations for a new school year can be overwhelming and intimidating. So, It’s important to approach the new school year with a pre-planned strategy and a positive mindset.

Here, we’ve put together five tips to help you prepare for the new academic session which would help you achieve better performance this year. Check out the following points:

1. Review what you learned last year

Spending a month with no school books around must have emptied out all the previously gained information of your brain. But, as you all would be knowing that every new class is a continuation of the previous one. This year again you would be studying the same topics and terms in a more detailed and expanded version. So, in the new class you would be required to recall the stuff that you learned last year so that your mind gets ready for mental work. You likely cannot remember everything but a quick refresher will get your mind ready for studying and make the initial weeks easier.

For example: The topic ‘mole concept’ which is introduced at its basic level in CBSE class 9, with definitions and simple formulas to calculate the same, is again encountered in CBSE class 11 where it’s a part of Chemistry curriculum.

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2. Glance through course guide

Before the start of new semester, go through the course guide for the subjects you will be studying in the new class. This will give you an idea of what learning materials; the core books and any reference books if required, you will need in the new session, so that you may arrange all those in time. For this you may also browse the materials available online. Also, getting through the course guides will outline the topics and learning areas that you will have to approach throughout the semester. It will give you an idea of the types of classes that you will participate in and other assessment items for the course.

3. Gain knowledge about new year stuff

Once you are done with browsing through the course guide, next important step is to take a look on all subjects and their syllabus, once at home before the commencing of the new semester in CBSE or UP board. It will help you relate better and understand faster in class. This will also give you a head start on the content you will cover during the semester and make it easier to follow along with new topics once the classes go back. Take a look at first few chapters of the subjects so that you can be spontaneous in front of the teacher to make your first impression more impactful.

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4. Follow e-learning

To improve the learning outcomes, you need to be engaged with what you are doing. Today, students have the best option in the form of e-learning which has gained tremendous popularity in the education sector. So, this time with the start of new academic year, you can navigate through different education sites, online books, videos and study materials to add to your knowledge before the new class kicks off. E-learning is that one source from which a student can augment utmost education from it without investing any fee or charges. You can also utilize the e-books and reference articles for obtaining relevant summary of the topics that you will be taught in the coming days.

5. Get hands on time management

Though it’s quite early to start working on time management as you won’t be having any idea about which subject is going to snatch more time and which one is going to be comparatively easier and less time consuming. But you can form a time chart in advance to separate your study schedule from additional activities like playing games and watching TV. Try to implement the created time plan into your routine, even before you start going for the new class. This will help you to adapt to the structured routine so that you don’t find it tough to stick to the same when you start going for new classes.

For example:  If your school will get over at 4 p.m. then you will have to plan the time between 4 pm and the dinner during which you have to add all necessary activities like tution classes, homework, playing sports, watching TV, etc. Which activity you want to devote more or less time, the choice is all yours.

Thus, preparing a plan prior to the commencement of the new academic year (in CBSE/ UP board) can boost your performance and help you approach success with little more efforts put together.

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