Things working parents should keep in mind

Parents need to be on their toes all the time, because of which it becomes increasingly different to take breaks and get rid of the monotony.

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Things working parents should keep in mind
Things working parents should keep in mind

Being a working parent is not an easy task. It requires dedication and devotion of time to strike balance between life in both office and home. The office has pending mails and home has pending homework of the kids. All in all, the parents need to be on their toes all the time, because of which it becomes increasingly different to take breaks and get rid of the monotony. Here are tips to handle work and personal life if you and your partner are working parents.

1. Communication is key

It is very important to communicate things with your partner and divide the household tasks equally between the two of you. For instance, for monthly parent-teacher meetings, you both can take turns so that at least one person gets to go to office and the other monitors the child's performance at school. The planning should ideally start long before the children are born so that you are better prepared for circumstances you are about to face.

2. Time is the most important gift
Realize the importance of the gift of time. Your kids and your partner need your time and company more than majority of other things. Since it is so important, you will have to learn to manage time and organize it so that you are not working all day long and are unwinding as well. Nothing that you get your child can replace the physical love so try to be present for them and let them know that how important they are.

3. Leave work at office
As mentioned above, it is not a very healthy practice to bring work to home. You have been away for so many hours and now it is important that you give your undivided attention to your family members. Also, as we all know, work tension leads to increased irritability and you certainly do not want to make your children become the target of that. Try to finish as much work as you can at the office itself, so that when you come home, you can concentrate on other things which require your attention.

4. Plan fun activities on weekends

Weekends should be such that your kids look forward to them. Plan outings full of enriching experiences so that the children learn and grow and get to be with you after one week of seeing you only at night. You can visit the nearest museum or go to a zoo so that children have fun and learn many things at the same time. There should also be time to play and loiter around. You can go for cycling with the kids as that is a fun activity and also very good for health.

5. Food table fun
Make sure that the family eats at least one meal together without getting distracted by technology. Switch off your television, mobile phones, laptop and other devices so that you can catch up with your kids without getting distracted. Make food that they like eating to encourage them to stay away for technological distractions and look forward to the meal.

6. Take their help
You can involve them in small little tasks you do at home as that will teach them life skills while being with you and helping you to get stuff done with ease. Ask them what is it that they will like to do and based on that, you can allocate tasks that eventually make them less dependent on you for small little things. Remember that you don't have to tire them too much as they have school and extracurricular to take care of.

7. Let your boss know about things
You can request your boss to tweak your schedule or shift a bit so that you squeeze things important for your child. For example, if it is annual day at your child's school and there is no major project coming up at work, you can ask your boss to allow you to leave a little early. In most cases they won't say no. However the key is to manage and not go overboard with such requests as it will reflect badly and make you look less professional.

It is a big responsibility to have kids in 21st century when the prices of everything are increasing with every passing day. Before you take the plunge, discuss things with your partner and see if it is financially viable for both of you. Once you have done that efficiently, the road ahead should be easy and without any big rider.

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