7 Tips to Answer Logical Reasoning Question in CAT Exam

Are Logical Reasoning Questions giving you nightmares before CAT exam? Follow these simple tips from CAT toppers and MBA experts to answer difficult CAT LR Questions easily. These tips will help you improve your speed and accuracy for the LR Section in CAT exam.

7 Tips to Answer Logical Reasoning Question in CAT Exam
7 Tips to Answer Logical Reasoning Question in CAT Exam

Logical Reasoning is one of the trickiest sections in the CAT exam. In fact, many CAT toppers have deemed it to be ‘all-or-nothing’ section, because if you are able to decode the logic, you will manage to answer all the questions quickly; but if you fail, you will not be able to answer even a single question. So, let’s take a look at few tricks and tips that will help you to answer Logical Reasoning Questions easily and accurately.

1. Analyze the Information

The first step while dealing with a LR question is to analyse and decode the information provided to you as part of the question. Generally speaking, LR questions will be in the form of problem statements which will act as clues to help you answer the questions. Therefore, it is important for you to understand, analyse and interpret all the details provided in the question, including the minute ones. Incorrect interpretation or understanding of even a single word can prove to be fatal for your CAT score.

2. Remove Irrelevant Words / Information

LR questions contain a lot of information, and not all of it is important to solve the questions. At times, additional and unnecessary information is included in the LR questions to confuse the test-takers. Therefore, it is important to remove these irrelevant words and information that doesn’t help you solve the questions and only focus upon the information that is related to the questions.

3. Identify and Focus on the Keywords

Every LR question will contain a few keywords. These keywords change the complete meaning of the statement and also will provide you the right direction to decoding the hidden logic and answering the questions. Therefore, candidates must always focus upon words like all, some, none, other than, only, unless, if and only if, and some prefixes like non-, un-, dis- etc. These will help you understand and answer the questions accurately.

4. Use Diagrammatic Approach

Ask any CAT topper, what was their strategy to ace LR questions in the exam and they will surely vouch by the Diagrammatic approach. This approach tells us to use diagrams or graphical illustrations to jot down important information and decode the key points mentioned in the LR questions. The end motive of using this technique is to organize your information in a systematic manner. You can use tables, diagrams, charts, graphs and symbols to organize your information.

5. Avoid Falling for Traps / Getting Stuck

Many LR questions look deceptively easy but they are not; they are designed in a way to lure you into a trap. Such questions cost candidates a lot of time in the exam. Therefore, candidates must exercise caution against falling for such trap questions. Regular practice will help you to develop a keen eye to identify such questions and steer clear of them.

6. Don’t Assume

Few Logical Reasoning Questions are designed to confuse candidates. Such questions often contain information that is contrary to the general knowledge or awareness of the candidate, which often confuse the candidate. Therefore, being judgemental or making unwarranted assumptions may go against you. The key to solving LR questions easily lies in working within the parameters to find the solutions. Therefore, no matter how unconventional or unwarranted informationan LR problem may contain, your sole focus should be on finding an answer to the question using only the information provided in the question.

7. Take help of Choices

Another trick that many MBA experts and CAT toppers swear by, as far as LR questions are concerned, is using the choices available as part of the MCQ question. Before attempting any LR question, you must always check the options given. This will give a direction to your answers and  assist you in the process of getting to the solution. Moreover, by eliminating irrelevant or wrong choices; this in turn will help you spearhead to the right choices and also increase the probability of getting the right answer.

These were a few simple tips and tricks that you can use to ace the Logical Reasoning Section in the CAT exam. For more such informative articles and tricks related to cracking the CAT exam, please visit www.jagranjosh.com.

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